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Dawn Marie Florea

Our Picture

A little about me!!!!

Currently I am "Jane of All Trades"

A single mother of a 12-year-old boy and his dog.

Which I love very deeply, the boy that is!!

I guess I love the dog too, but not as much as my boy.

I hold two Associate Degrees from Southern State Community College

In Business Management and Accounting.

Currently I'm working on my Bachelor's in Business through Franklin University

Utilizing their Alliance Program or Distance Learning Program.

I am graduating in December and will continue with my MBA through Franklin.

Southern State Community College put me to work for them a little over two years ago teaching Real Estate.

I teach six classes currently, real estate law, principles,

finance, appraisals, investments / taxes, and brokerage management.

I also teach continuing education in real estate.

Sounds like a lot right?? Well, I am not finished.

My father is 92, and is my real estate broker.

My mother, age 70, also holds an agent license.

Both currently still very active in real estate.

And I'm their care giver, at least that is what I call it!

I manage our two branch offices as well as the main office.

Now, let's see did I forget anything. If I did, then that is too bad.

I'm certainly a very busy person and enjoy every minute of it.

Contact me:

Math a Subject of Enjoyment

My ICQ Communications Page

Southern State Community College