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Table of Contents

Ancestors of John Patric Jones: Jones, Leahy, Hibbard and Related Family Lines
  • Leahy/Jones & Beckert Lines
  • The Hibbards of Spring Hill, Ohio
  • Charles Hibbard and the American Civil War
  • Backus Genealogy
  • Cary Genealogy
  • Crane Genealogy
  • Greene, Hills and Prentice Genealogy
  • Griswold Genealogy
  • Ancestors of Abbie Owen
  • Palmer Genealogy
  • Rice Genealogy
  • Riddle Genealogy
  • Rudd Genealogy
  • Watkins Genealogy
  • Wood and Hazen Genealogy

    Ancestors of Dolores Ann Walker: Walker, Jaffke, Bendzela/Bengela and Related Family Lines
  • Bendzela/Bengela/Walker and Related Slovakian Family Lines
  • The Jaffke Family -- Pommeranian Connections With to information about the Zupke and Taube families.

    Flowers and Cahill Families of Southern Ohio and West Virginia
    We've started researching my brother-in-law's family! Click on the link to visit that web site.

    Much of the genealogical information found on this website
    can now be purchased in book form. If all goes well, I hope to have
    revised editions ready by the end of 2012.

    The Ancestors of John Patric Jones includes genealogical information for fourteen generations and includes information on the following families: Backus, Beckert, Bull, Cary, Crane, Green(e), Griswold, Hart, Hazen, Hibbard, Hills, Jones, Leahy, Newell, Olmstead, Palmer, Porter, Prentice, Rice, Riddle, Rudd and Wood. It is available on Lulu(R) in both paperback ($15.00) and downloadable Ebook ($4.00) formats. 448 pages. Click on the links to preview the book and to place your order.

    The Ancestors of Dolores Ann Walker includes genealogical information on the following families: Bengela/Bendzela, Jaffke, Lieder, Schroeder, Vessely, Walker, Zupke, with an appendix for the Taube families who are related by marriage to the Zupke and Jaffke families. It is available on Lulu(R) in both paperback ($9.00) and downloadable Ebook ($4.00) formats. 132 pages. Click on the links to preview the book and to place your order.

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    The Flowers Family

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    Another genealogy website, this one for my brother-in-law's family, and includes Cahill, Flowers, Stover, Siders and others.

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