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What is the "magic juice combo"???
Last updated Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Will it help SARS??? Arthritis??? Gout??? Pneumonia??? Colds??? Cancer???
Hormonal imbalances??? Bird Flu??? Swine Flu??? Other "ailments"???

Important update regarding possible RoundUp / glyphosate contamination of juice. Be sure to read this important information before proceeding. (Add note Tuesday, November 21, 2017)
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( Be sure to read the important information emphasized in blue a little over half-way down the page concerning the possible beneficial impact of the Magic Juice Combo on cancer.

   And click here to read an important article containing "gold nuggets" concerning acid/alkaline balance in relation to hormonal imbalances such as alleged "estrogen dominance". )

( Be sure to read the "testimonial" emails just below. )


Why do doctors say not to take medicines and grapefruit juice together?
(Update, Monday, December 5, 2011 - Be sure to read this related info)


  Important update, Thursday, May 6, 2010: As the result of some recent reading I've done about the importance of proper food combining, I have learned that, in general, it is not advisable to consume fruit or fruit juices with or immediately after eating a meal, possibly needing to wait from 2 hours minimum to 5 hours or more before having fruit or fruit juices, depending on the type of food eaten. Also, in general, it appears that one should wait about an hour or more after consuming fruit and fruit juice before having other foods. I encourage you to check out this , and this for now.

You can see an excellent, downloadable, pdf version of a food combining chart here. As time permits, I'll put a link here that will take you to a separate page where I'll have more such links and additional information that I've come across concerning proper food combining. But for now, adjusting your use of the Magic Juice Combo to fit in better with the above noted principles of fruit and fruit juice usage will hopefully be helpful to you.

  Important update, Sunday, December 12, 2010: I recently came across some important additional information that dovetails with the above information regarding food combining. This additional information deals with Nutritional Typing, and brings new meaning to the old saying "Different strokes for different folks". Check out the Dr. Mercola video about Nutritional Typing here. Also, be sure to take the FREE Nutritional Typing Assessment that is offered there.

orange juice
I've only used the Florida's Natural brand of juices to illustrate the combo because that's what I normally use when I use the juices. I also use the Tropicana brand, and even the local grocery store brand. If you are able to obtain organic juices, so much the better. I've found it best not to pre-mix the juices ahead of time, but to simply mix them at the time of drinking. Also, if these cost a little more than you want to spend, the mixture seems to also work using frozen or canned juices. Take a look here for additional brands of the juices that I've used as well as for information regarding the importance of only using 100% juice and not "drinks".(Paragraph revised Wednesday, August 13, 2014)

As an alternative to the juices, you might try buying actual oranges and ruby red grapefruits, organic whenever possible. Just be sure to maintain the half and half proportions. As an example, with average sized oranges, you might eat one orange and half of a ruby red grapefruit. Or 1/2 orange and 1/4 ruby red grapefruit. When I use the actual oranges and ruby red grapefruits, I put them into a food processor and blend them together before eating. One of the advantages of using the actual oranges and ruby red grapefruits is that they are not pasteurized and thus none of any natural enzymes present have been killed. Also, with organic, whether juice or actual fruit, you would not be consuming any chemical fertilizer residues or any pesticide residues. (But from all reports I've received from those who have tried the non-organic, pasteurized juices commonly available, those juices appear to work satisfactorily.)
(Paragraph added Wednesday, August 13, 2014)

ruby red<br> grapefruit juice



*************** "Testimonial" emails ***************

(If you have had success with the combo, let me know so I can share with others)

Hello Walt,

   Just wanted to thank you for the tip on the magic juice combo. I accidentally found your web site, on a google search for grapefruit juice and arthritis... recently I started juicing one grapefruit a day, and found that my knees and feet felt better. I suffer from gout and its amazing how the grapefruit juice helps with the inflammation. Now I am having a glass of orange juice with the grapefruit juice and WOW! Its unbelievable how your nose will clear up and you feel wonderful. I can't get over how it works.

   I sometimes get a slight headache with the mixture but its not enough to make me stop mixing...

Thanks again for the tip!

I believe in it!

Joe Reganato
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

* * * * * * *

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dear Walt. Got to tell you about my story. Last Sunday night we went to a chinese resturant pig out, all you can eat for 12 bucks. I awoke Monday morning like I needed 2 hip replacements, I know I've been told about my limp for years, and avoided doing it, just kept getting worse with Osteoarthritis. I'm thinking about doing a juicing diet from an old Walker book. Happened on your website for arthritis and juicing, started Wednesday with the Magic Combo, Florida natural. I can't believe after 3 days the pain is almost gone. I'm thinking 5 weeks and football will be here, great. I'm 72 years old and still ref football. Do you think My flexibility will return? Because it's been a thing of the past for at least 15 years. Thanks for the help. Yours Truly Larry

* * * * * * *

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hello Walt,

Thanks for the advice concerning the orange juice / ruby red grapefruit juice mixture. I am skeptical by nature, but after weeks of trying to shake off one infection after another, I am willing to try anything.

I tried a cup of the mixture immediately after returning home about 7pm Friday. There was a very noticeable reduction of chest congestion within about 3 hours of drinking the mixture, and I was finally able to get a good night's rest for the first time in a more than a week. The beneficial effects began wearing off around 8am Saturday morning, so drank another cup. I still have some chest congestion and a little coughing, but my condition is significantly improved.    Richard

***************** End of "testimonial" emails *********************


     It seems that many people make it a habit to have a small glass of orange juice with their breakfast to get their day off to a good start. Before I discovered the "magic juice combo", I used to do the same thing. However, after experiencing the benefits of the "magic juice combo" and after being told of some pretty incredible results that others have experienced, I very seldom ever drink orange juice by itself anymore. Instead, I drink the "magic juice combo" which simply means changing from a full glass of orange juice and, instead, beginning to drink a combination of 1/2 orange juice and 1/2 ruby red grapefruit juice. That's it!!! Could anything be simpler? And, we're talking about the 100% juice here, not any that have sugar or other ingredients that make it a "drink" instead of a "juice". Remember, only use 100% juice! (Click here to better understand why only 100% juice must be used for the Magic Juice Combo to be successful.) And, for those of you who have already been drinking a glass of orange juice every day, you won't be drinking any more juice overall. It'll just be half as much orange juice, and adding the ruby red grapefruit juice as the other half.

     My own experience with the combo has been that I stopped getting "colds" after I had been on the combination for a short time. After realizing that I wasn't getting the normal colds anymore, I did some experimenting by again drinking the orange juice by itself for a period of weeks, and then changing and trying the ruby red grapefruit juice by itself for a period of weeks. My experience was that I again began having minor colds again when I drank either of the juices by themselves. But by drinking the combo, the colds stopped entirely. Something "magic" seems to happen by mixing the juices that is not present in either of the juices by themselves.

     As I passed on my experiences with the "magic juice combo" to others, in time they would tell me of some really incredible things that had happened to them. One time I was working with a guy who said he had walking pneumonia. I believed him, because he had the most horrible, deep chest cough that I had ever heard. It hurt me to hear it, if you know what I mean. At any rate, he told me that he was heading to the hospital as soon as we got off of work. I told him about the "magic juice combo". He was so interested in it, that he said he wasn't going to go to the hospital after all, that he would try the juice instead. Well, I didn't expect to see him for a few days, because of what almost sounded like a death cough. Yet, the very next evening, he was back at work!!! I couldn't believe it! When I asked him how he got over the "walking pneumonia" so quickly, he told me that he had gone to the grocery store after we got off work, and had basically sipped the magic juice combo all day long. All he had remaining of the "walking pneumonia" was an occasional very minor throat clearing.

     I was friends with a woman who would get bad colds every winter. So I told her about the magic juice combo. Not only did her colds stop happening, but after about three weeks of being on the juice, I happened to see her one day and she mentioned that it seemed like her arthritis was leaving her. I didn't know that she had arthritis, for one thing. And for another thing, at the time I had no clue that the magic juice combo would have any effect on arthritis. After another couple of weeks on the juice, she said that her arthritis was gone.

     Based on that woman's reported experience with the juice, whenever I would come across someone who indicated they had arthritis, I would let them know of her experiences. A couple of years ago, I was working with a man who was in his mid-70's. He said that he and his wife were both taking some sort of medication because of severe arthritis. I told him about the woman's experience. He said he would try it. After 4-5 weeks, he told me that not only had the arthritis basically gone, but he showed me his right thumb. The thumb looked normal to me. He said that prior to the juice, he had a huge arthritic lump on that thumb, but that after the 4-5 weeks on the magic juice combo, the arthritic lump was gone!!!

     Last, but not least, so that I don't bore you with too many details. I mentioned the magic juice combo to some customers in a local health food store. One of the people exclaimed that she had totally forgotten until I mentioned the juice combo, that her uncle had told her years before that she should drink the half orange juice, half ruby red grapefruit juice combo because it helped the body to produce more melatonin. (Click here to find out more about the importance of melatonin to good health.)

    I've read numerous sources over the years that have brought out the importance of minimizing, or better yet eliminating entirely, the eating of white refined flour products and white refined sugar products. Also, take a look at this article about 76 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health.

    And whatever you do, I encourage you to follow the advice given here, here, and here, and also eliminate the use of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, etc. If you must have additional sweetening, try organic raw honey.

    Those of you who are concerned about SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), or cancer* or other "ailments", might give some thought to experimenting with the Combo. Please let me know of your experiences.

*[On Wednesday, August 17, 2005, I "accidently" discovered some information that supports my suspicion that the Magic Juice Combo may have a beneficial impact concerning cancer. Here is a paragraph from the website The paragraph is approximately the eighth paragraph down from the top of that page.

"Early cancer research proved that less oxygen causes cancer. Everything that causes cancer falls into two categories: an oxidizer (something uses the oxygen) or something that prevents the transfer of oxygen into our system. Examples are tars, asbestos and silica. When the body has less oxygen it goes into an acidic state, and cancer only grows in acids. High oxygen changes the body to alkaline may put cancer into remission. Alternate cancer treatments are : Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, Ozone treatments, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and many other minerals and herbs that help Oxygen transfer. In 1850, cancer was 1 in 50 people, in 1900 1 in 35, now it's 1 in 3, forecasts are 75% will get cancer by the end of this century."
[Emphasis added by Walt]

Read the emphasized part in the above paragraph slowly. From what I understand, one of the beneficial effects of the Magic Juice Combo is that it gradually, over a period of time, helps to change the body from an acidic state into more of a alkaline state. (Be sure to look this chart over, and particularly note their statement that: "Although it might seem that citrus fruits would have an acidifying effect on the body, the citric acid they contain actually has an alkalinizing effect in the system.") And if the above quoted paragraph regarding "cancer only grows in acids" is accurate, then my suspicions that the Magic Juice Combo just might have a beneficial effect on the cancer situation would be better understood. And if it does work that way, it would sure be a lot easier than stressing the body with chemo and x-ray treatments. Anyone who learns anymore about such possible beneficial effects on cancer is asked to let me know the results of your findings or experiments so that I can share the information with visitors to my website. You can see additional info regarding the importance of alkalinizing by clicking here and here. (Added new links 12-15-2009 and 8-19-2010)

    And speaking of chemo-therapy, as well as of the use of antibiotics, anyone who has experienced either of these forms of treatment are encouraged to look into the many benefits of using probiotics to replenish the healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract that have been destroyed by chemo and antibiotics. You can read about those benefits here, here, and here. In addition to the sources of probiotics shown at those links, another source of probiotics to consider is shown here.

Also, the following links may have additional information of interest concerning the pros and cons of the importance of an alkaline balance. While there may be controversy among "professionals" concerning these matters, what I have reported regarding the experiences that people have personally related to me stands as true and accurate. And, for the minor costs involved, one can put the matter of the Magic Juice Combo to the test and find out from personal experience whether or not the Combo "works".

"Cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment.
All forms of arthritis are associated with excess acidity."

I was told, "Cancer and arthritis cannot grow in an alkaline body".
This was the advice that started me on the road to
the cancer free state that I now enjoy."

Alkaline And Acidic Food Chart

List of Alkaline Foods

Diet and pH in Treatment of Cancer?

The truth about pH balance (Add Sunday, February 22, 2009)

Acid-alkaline balance is your diet the key to healthy bones? (Add Sunday, February 22, 2009)

Acid/Alkaline Theory of Disease Is Nonsense

Goodbye Cancer, Hello Sun Exposure?

Stage 4 Cancer Gone With Baking Soda Treatment (Add Monday, November 17, 2014)

For additional links to information of possible interest regarding the cancer / alkaline issue, pro and con, click here or go to and search for cancer alkaline (no quotes). ]

Tuesday, November 18, 2014. And I just came across some information that I was not aware of concerning another possible factor involved in the onset of arthritis, exposure to emf. Definitely worth reading to see if this might be a factor in your situation. Read this.

Sunday, December 7, 2014. And you can read another interesting article about yet another possible contributing factor to the onset of arthritis, fluoride.

     Well, there you have it! For those who are able to drink citrus juice, I'll be interested in hearing from you after you've tried the magic juice combo for 5 - 6 weeks. Try to be aware of any changes you are experiencing as you go along. I would encourage you to take pictures of your hands on the day you begin to start using the Magic Juice Combo, then take pictures once a week thereafter until the 5-6 week time period has passed. Then, if you are comfortable doing so, send me copies of those pictures so that your results can be shared with others who visit this page.

    Those who are unable to drink citrus juice might mention it to your friends who are able to drink it. If you have any medical conditions where either orange juice or ruby red grapefruit juice would not be appropriate, be sure to obtain competent medical advice. One person I mentioned the Combo to said that she had been told not to take her medication with grapefruit juice. (Click here to find out why) She then told me that the way she would handle that would be to take her medication in the morning and the Combo in the late afternoon or evening.

    Sometimes when one makes changes in what is ingested, symptoms may occur that are essentially part of a "healing crisis". If you are unfamiliar with that term, I encourage you to check out the information that is linked here. And also be sure to check with a health care professional for any needed advice in such circumstances.(Paragraph added Sunday, January 16, 2011)

     One other request. I am not knowledgeable in the chemistry of what happens when the two juices are mixed. If any of you have access to suitable analyzing equipment, I would be very interested in understanding, in detail, what happens chemically when the juices are mixed. First, I would like to know the detailed analysis of each juice before they are mixed, then a detailed analysis of the resulting half and half mixture. Download a suggested form here for documenting the analysis. I would certainly appreciate it if you would email me a pdf copy of the analysis. (Note: It may be simpler to copy my email address, , and paste it in the To: line of your own email account than to try to click on the link below.) Thanks.

    The most consistent benefits seem to be realized by drinking a normal sized glass of the juice combo every day as a "preventative" rather than waiting until one becomes sick and then binging on the "magic juice combo".


For additional health-related information, click here.

Never utter, etc


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