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Help us fight Children's Porn

Working hand in hand with the FBI the Gentle Spirits of the Net Members have started a crusade against the growing instances of Children's Porn and Children's Porn Sites. Regardless if you are a GSON Member or not we welcome you to join our cause. (27781 bytes)

Why we are fighting Children's Porn..

Besides the fact that all Porn is the plague of the Net, Kiddy Porn is  destructive and does life long harm to it's young victims. These children have no idea what is being done to them until years later when the damage is already done. Children's Porn can involve only pictures of naked bodies of Children or pictures of Children in actual sexual acts with other Children or Adults. Often a close Family friend or relative is the person most likely to abuse these Children...or as in my case a High School soccer Coach. Children of all ages are affected and some are used as young as birth. These abusers do NOT wear a certain look.. nor do they act a certain way. Also as in my case the Site Owner's have families who never know until they are caught by the FBI exchanging sexual pictures of Children on the Internet. Right now the Internet is a semi-safe haven for abusers to meet, network and exchange pictures. The more abusers that connect via the Internet the more demand for sexually graphic Children's pictures grows. In turn putting more of our Children at risk. This is NOT a crime of only the lower income takes money and brains to buy and use the equipment needed. It takes a strong trust to get access to Children and a good skills with Children to get them to pose. The minute you think it will never touch your will! Trust me from experience I know!!! Do NOT assume only dysfunctional quiet Children are affected..they are NOT, any picture of your child can be morphed. (27781 bytes)

What you can do to help

We have two Members in contact with Special Police and the FBI. If you find a link to a suspected Children's Porn site email the URL to them and they will pass the information on to the right authorities. Your email address will NEVER be passed on nor will anyone know of your involvement. Our GSON Members follow all links and often times act as a abusers to gain trust. We ask you to follow any Porn link and report it to our two Members. We also ask that you put our Banner and link to this page on your site to help create awareness. (27781 bytes)

How to protect your Children

Pedophiles thrive by being very trustworthy and respectable. They are usually invisible because they are the person next door or an outstanding Member of your Church.  So working with us is the best way we know of! But we have other ways as well.

DO NOT put any pictures of young children on your Webpages! Any Graphic can be morphed or altered.

DO NOT put cute pictures of your Children naked or near naked on a Webpage. That means no more diaper or bathtub pictures of young babies loaded on a site for Grandma to see. These Pedophiles drift from page to page taking your graphics and using them for their pleasure or sick profit.

Talk to your Children about "private body places"! If they mention someone took pictures of them (even a Family member), ask your children innocent sounding questions. From my own experience I can't repeat enough...they are most likely someone you respect and know. If you feel in your gut something is probably is! (17842 bytes) (16316 bytes)

Zee has been able to shut down 50 sites in one week just from people's leads.

If you would like to become more involved

in our cause please email either Zee or Linda or Mare.


Please display one of our Banners and Link back in support!

Be sure to bookmark this page to refer back to in case you find a link to a Children's Porn Site. Or use Angefire's update system in top right hand corner of this page to hear about any updates to this page. (18479 bytes) (25569 bytes)

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The High School Coach in our small suburb town owned a professional site with both posed for and un-posed for pictures of young High School Students. This man was VERY involved with his Church and Community. His Daughter was Valedictorian of her Senior Class and his Son was very active in Sports and Academics. His Family had no idea what he did on the Computer. They also had no idea he was making extra money selling sexual products or access into his Site.  My Daughter was both on Prom and Home Coming Court and played Sports for this man all four years of High School. Thankfully after a Full FBI investigation she was not found on his site. Our worry was he had hidden cameras taking pictures of the girls in all states of undress...our fears have never been proven unfounded. Regardless if my Daughter was on the Internet or not she was still affected. Can you imagine the feeling of thinking  pictures of your body (or your face and someone else's body), are being sold to anyone by someone you trusted and respected? The Coach is serving 2, two year terms in Prison. He has lost his home and family.  Diana

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