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With this site we would like to bring to your attention the exploits and accomplishments of Company "B" 202nd Engineer Combat Battalion during the Normandy Invasion and the many subsequent engagements throughout the entire European Campaign of World War II. They were in campaigns at Normandy, Central Europe, Northern France, Ardennes and the Rhineland. This site will continue to grow as we keep getting information from the men who served in this Battalion. I hope that you will come back often to learn more about why we can call the United States the *Home of the Brave ~ Land of the Free*.


202nd LINKS

The Men Who Served in the 202nd Engineer Combat Battalion ~ Company B

The Proper Way to Fold An American Flag

Why the American Flag is Folded 13 Times

A Soldier's Playing Cards

How To Build A Bridge Under Enemy Fire


You're In The Army Now

Letter Of Appreciation

Letter of Commendation ~ Northern Ireland Base Section

I Am The Flag

Merry Christmas ~ Something to Think About

What Is An American?

That Ragged Old Flag

An American Vet and Proud of It

Dollar Bill

202nd Combat Engineer Battalion Plaque

Links to Other Great Pages

Keeping Their Memory Alive

Let Us Not Forget

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