Native American Sayings and Art Work

Trail of Tears

There's a trail of Tears
Flowing from our homeland
Washing out the years
Drowning out the Red Man
There's a broken heart
Beating like a funeral drum
A nation torn apart
So one can be born

There's a memory
That the Eagle holds high
When we were free
As the wind in the sky
There's a feeling inside
That stirs our madness
To have a chosen life
In the fields of sadness

There are some empty teepees
Falling into dust
Like an endangered species
We're losing too much
We are a world forgotten
Pushed aside and left alone
But comes a time when we will rise again
Oh Great One,hear our prayers and our song

Cherokee Trail Of Tears


Silent winds hold down the tale
Of an ancient yesteryear
Beneath the mounds and forgotten trails
The memories are hidden here
No longer smoke the Calumet
No longer a whistle blows
All are buried here together
With the Arrows and the Bows

So many stories are still held inside
Many we will never learn
The Sacred Fire has long ago died
Never again to burn
No longer to chase the deer
No longer praise the dance
All of it buried here
With the Bonnet and the Lance

Once stood majestic in the thick of a forest
a kingdom in their time
But time has crept and now they rest
In cities of yours and mine
No longer feasts or games
All buried here within the mound
Though ancient still sustain

Spirits Together


They have taken me from the wild
But they'll never take the wild from me
My soul is of the earth
My spirit is forever free

I run swift as the Deer
My eyes are keen as the Hawk
I am strong as the Oak
I am light and dark

I speak with my Forefathers
In our native tounge
From the heavens fall the waters
Their tears for their loved ones

Visions they behold me
My escape to the worlds past
Why was I born in times like these
Where thorns block my paths

They've taken me from the wild
But they'll never take the wild from me
It's in my blood, it's in my spirit
Forever it will be
For I am Rainwalker

Spirit of the Wild

Brothers of the Wind

Brothers of the wind
Lets us stir again
Let us blow through our native land,touching every man
Let them feel our being
Let us touch their soul
Let our spirit pierce each one
Let them know we've come

Brothers of the wind
Lets put it at an end
We've danced The Ghost Dance long enough
They're waiting on us
The Great Spirit has come
Bringing with him life
All that once was gone, now freely runs

Brothers of the wind
let our nation rise
let us live the way we did
Before the white man arrived
Lets begin again
My brothers of the wind

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