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Westlife make chart history at number one!

WestLife make chart history at number one!

It's official now, 'Fool Again' is No.1 in the UK!!!
None has ever had five consecutive Number Ones with their first five singles.
It has simply never happened - until now.
The lads sneaked ahead of last weeks number one Mel C & Left Eye by only 1000 sales.
They are now celebrating tonight as the first group to have such success with their first five releases.

Kian: This is really incredible, we never really dreamed about getting this far.
With four number ones already we never really thought we go on to get another
one in a row, and especially this week when the record sales were so tight. It is a
brilliant thing for Irish music and for both us and B*Witched to break into such a difficult
market in the first place.

00/2/13 Wahey! Westlife are coming to Sweden next week =)
To all our Swedish fans:(Westlife´s letter to the Swedish fans)

We wanted to write a note to all of you to let you know exactly why we will not be
coming to Sweden on January 24 for the NRJ Radio Awards. There are a lot of things
being said which simply are not true and we hope that this sets the record straight:

Our record company wanted us to travel to Argentina directly after the Award Show,
to begin a 2 week tour of South America (where we have never been before) to promote
the new album. Then the American record company said that they wanted us to travel to
New York and Los Angeles the week before and the record company in Argentina also said
that they wanted us to perform at a massive festival there on January 22. So, we would
have to fly from America to Argentina to Sweden, then back to Argentina, all in 5 days:
this would mean about 2 whole days spent in different aeroplanes. It became obvious that
the trip to Sweden would be impossible.

This made us very sad indeed: Sweden was the first country outside UK & Ireland
where we started to get fans. Because we spent so much time at Cheiron and studios
before we went anywhere else in Europe, we quickly made friends with people there and
every time we travel to Sweden now, it is special for us.We would like everyone to realise
that we really want to come back to see you all - we’ve even offered to come to Sweden in
February to make up for what has happened.We want to thank you all for the great love and
support that you have shown us so far and look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

And we’ll never forget that you supported us before anyone else! Love…
000114- Bryan has a new girlfriend?

Westlife singer Bryan McFadden has been enjoying a string of romantic dates with Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona. The pair met at a showbiz bash just before christmas and have been in touch ever since. Kerry flew to Dublin to be with the hunky singer last week and Bryan showed her around his hometown. The westlife chart-topper told me: "We became friends while the band were in England and I kept bumping in to her. She's a brilliant laugh and we geton." He and Kerry will now spend time apart because of Westlife's promotional tour of the U.S. Bryan said: "Our careers come first, so who knows what's going to happen?" Meanwhile, Kerry, whose band had a top ten single with Right Now last month, is also facing a hectic schedule. I tipped the three girls for big things this year. They release their new single in March and have a lot of promotional work to do too.

VICKY: Are you all single and if Bryan says yes does that mean he is not dating Kerry from Atomic Kitten? BRYAN SAYS: Kerry and I are really good friends and having a great time, just like anybody else. (taken from the Sun)

WestLife have cancelled their visit in Sweden this month. It means they will not appear on NRJ Awards 1999. Instead of going to Sweden, they will be in Argentina for some promo stuff instead.=(

Westlife's 'I Have A Dream' comes true

Irish boyband Westlife have shot
straight to the number one Christmas
slot - sensationally knocking Sir Cliff Richard
from the top spot.

The bookies' favourites said the
achievment was the "icing on the cake"
topping their record-breaking year.

They are only the second act to go in
at number one with their first four
singles in the week they were released.


Nicky's getting married?

Nicky is threatening to break the 'gentleman's agreement' he made with their manager - getting married. The boy band star, who has been dating Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern's daughter Georgina for the past five years, promised he would not have kids or get married in the next five years. Now Nicky reveals that the agreement will not stop him and Georgina tying the knot if they feel the time is right. He said: "After all, it's not as if we've signed a written contract promising not to commit ourselves."

991203Westlife get scolded by their manager

Westlife get scolded by their manager

Westlife were given a ticking-off by their co-manager Louis Walsh after he caught them smoking before their appearance on Irish chat show the Late Late Show. In his dressing room dressing down he accused the band of being unprofessional and lazy.

"I gave them a huge lecture and they all started crying," said Louis.
"They were late for the show and they were smoking and they were being unprofessional.
I received a fax from the record company about their behaviour ... it was the best thing I ever did." "It brought home to them how being successful and famous brings with it certain responsibilities."
Louis continued.

Band members Shane Filan, Mark Feehily, Kian Egan, Nicky Byrne and Bryan McFadden then had to go onto the show.
Westlife have had number ones with their first three singles and are 5-4 favourites to claim the Christmas
number one spot. Louis co-manages Westlife with Boyzone's Ronan Keating.

991127-No one can argue with the fact that Westlife have been phenomenally successful with their first 3 singles all going straight in the charts at No. 1. So, now here is your chance to get to know them a little better. The video takes you through from how they first met to where they are today. You get to spend intimate time with each member, as they tell you about themselves. You can see Kian playing the piano, hear Bryan telling you about his days at stage school, watch Shane go horse riding, walk around the Irish countryside with Mark and even go back to Nicky's old football ground as he reminisces about the past. The video features all this plus much, much more. If you're a Westlife fan then you will love this video, so don't miss this opportunity of owning the ultimate Westlife guide!(BMG)

991123-ABBA star Björn on Westlife's cover of I Have A Dream: `'I keep playing it time and time again. It's one of the best covers of our songs. They are my daughter's favourite, now they're mine too.''

991119- Westlife will be back in Sweden January 24:th to appear on NRJ Radio Awards

991112- Unfortunately, Westlife didn't win anything at last nights MTV Europe Music Awards.

991111-A double a-side single with "Seasons In The Sun" and the ABBA cover "I Have A Dream" will be released dec 13th.
WestLife IRA Poppy Storm<title> <H2>WestLife IRA Poppy Storm</h2> </center> <H4>Chart-toppers Westlife yesterday distanced themselves from this year's Poppy Appeal - after pressure from the IRA. <br> The Irish boy band, managed by Boyzone's Ronan Keating, launched the British Legion's drive for funds in London last weekend. <br> But the move infuriated Provo chiefs, who attacked the group through the Sinn Fein political wing. And yesterday, the band, who earlier declared the appeal "as relevant now as when it started," said they were FORCED into backing the drive, which aids Forces veterans. Matt Carthy, national Sinn Fein Youth organiser, had accused Westlife of "insensitivity" in supporting the annual appeal. He said: "How can they justify their decision to the relatives whose loved ones were killed by the British Army? At a time when all concerned are working to heal the scars of conflict, this was extremely insensitive." <br> Westlife's record company RCA confirmed THEY took the decision to involve band members Shane, 20, Nicky, 21, and Kian, Bryan and Mark, all 19. A spokesman said: "We were following a tradition of involving high-profile celebrities supporting charity organisations." <br> Last night Ulster Unionist MP Jeffrey Donaldson blasted Sinn Fein's attack. He said: "This insults the memory of the thousands who died in two world wars, many of them Irish." <p> <br> <center> <i> There is a rumour that <font color="blue">Bryan </font> is dating <font color="blue">Lene </font> from Aqua, if this is true, i don´t know but I´ve heard also that Bryan is engaged with <font color="blue">Jo </font> from S Club 7...hmmm<i> <hr> Bryan had been dating Lene Nystrom from Aqua for no longer than a few weeks, but it seems too many people were lining up to say 'Come on Barbie, let's go party...', since the couple have now split. He said "All she did was go clubbing, I just couldn't take it".<hr> <hr> 991009 Happy Birthday Nicky!<hr> <hr> Westlife will be back in Sweden on 4th November and 5th November. <hr> <hr> The tracklist for the debut album Kian temporarily scarred<br> <hr> It looks like Kian Egan of Irish boyband WestLife may have to go overboard on the make-up for his new video after being temporarily scarred by a cigar. 'It just happened the other night,' explains Kian. 'I was standing outside a restaurant and this guy had a cigar in his hand. He was talking away, moving his hands as he spoke and all of a sudden he accidentally hit me on the face with it.' 'I must admit to loosing the plot a bit at the time. Normally I'm a pretty calm character but when something like that happens it's hard not to go bananas.' 'The guy wanted to take me to a doctor but I just kept telling him to go away.' So don't expect any Kian close-ups when u see the boys performing their new single Flying Without Wings on T.V. over the next few weeks. <hr> <hr> Westlife are number one again with their third single "Flying without wings"<hr> <!--EndFreetext--> <p> <!--ImageGroup--> <img src="images/album.jpg"> <p> <font size="3"></font> <p> <!--Freetext--><!--EndFreetext--> <!--EndImageGroup--> <p> </body> </html>