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Profile: Bryan

Bryan McFadden


12 April 1980 in Dublin


one sister - he's single




one Shih Tzu called Chip

Favourite song

Something stupid by Sinatra

He likes

music , girls and spending money

He hates

people's sadness. He likes to be happy, School, Reading, Writing.

In facts

He'd never kissed a girl before when he was 17.

Rule of life

Live life&deal with tomorrow when it comes. i

Type of girls

He likes mini-skirts and smart (& natural) girls, beautiful eyes, lips, hair Don't forget to smile ! Then bump into him and ask to have a drink together ! If you have some commun points with Claire from Steps. Fave football team: Manchester United.

Facts about Bryan: - According to the other lads and a couple of magazines, Bryan is supposed to be the most wanted by the fans! - He used to be fat until the age of 16! - He'd like to change everything except his eyes - He's hard to get up in the morning! - He likes very natural looking girls! - He doesn't like arrogant and big-headed girls! - He'd like to have a beach bar in the Caribbean! - He blushes when he talks to a girl that he fancies! - He sang 'Get down' by the Backstreet Boys at the audition. - His trousers fell down during a concert and he was wearing terrible underwear! - He's a bad sleepwalker! - He's very flirty!

Did you know that... ...he walks in his sleep very often? ...he once stole a football from a gaelic team in dublin? ...he once shaved his legs for a part as an old lady in a play?

Why I Bryan, would make a good flatmate...

"Im very, very clean and Im very, very cheap. I cook fine food. I love hoovering and ironing and I dont smell. Id love the same TV programmes as you so whoever you are, please, please be my flatmate cos Im lonely and Id be the perfect companion1 There you go, how was that? What? You want me to be truthful now? Oh, well the truth is I never iron and I never hoover. Yuk! I dont know how to and I never will. I just cant do it. Ive never ever handwashed clothes and dont ask me to tidy up cos Ill refuse. I could learn to do all these domestic chores if I wanted but I cant be bothered!"

Gift of the Gab Rating 5/5 If Bryan hadnt slipped into telling truth wed have to believed every word of his selfpromoted housewifey image. Too bad it was a load of garbage!

...west friends...


When will you see Jack?

I think Ronan and Yvonne should be allowed some time to themselves at the moment. Im over the moon for Ronan because hes been worried sick. Im going to get Jack singing lessons, because hes scuppered if he wants to lern off his old man! Only joking Ro!

Whos your best mate?

I have two, Eddy and Mark, both outside the band. Im probably closest to Eddy though because Ive known him since I was three. Weve been mates through thick and thin. If you wanted any gossip on me, hes the guy to talk to.

Do you still go to him with your problems?

Definitely. I could ring him at any time. I miss him when we go out on the road, but hes starting to come along with us. Our next video is being filmed on a beautiful beach somewhere and were getting a few days holiday while were there, so hes coming out too.

Who are you closest to in the band?

Id probably go to Nicky for advice before anyone else. But all the guys are good. I was really ill recently and the kept phoning me up to see if I was OK and to have a chat.

Could you be good friends with a fan?

We are. Back in Ireland weve got fans who have been there from the beginning. So we know them all by name and they come up to our house and we chat. Theyre like friends to us.
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