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Bryan used to be a bit of a bully as a young lad! Don't worry though - he was only acting! He played the school hard nut in an Irish TV series called Finarr's Class and had to pretend to beat people up!

  • Although Mark loves living a pop star lifestyle, he reckons the idea of being really famous scares him to death!

  • Nicky drives a Peaugot 306 convertible which he got for a really good price with the help of Ronan

  • Westlife share the same stylist as the Spice Girls and David Beckham. His name is Kenny Ho

  • Before Nicky joined Westlife, he was a budding TV presenter. He went for lots of auditions and would love to have his own show one day

  • Bryan went to the same school as Mikey from Boyzone

  • Nicky's a really romantic lad at heart. He once flew home and hid in his girlfriends room to suprise her!

  • Before he joined Westlife, Shane used to help out with the cooking and washing up in his parents restaurant in Ireland

  • Mark's absolutely terrified of birds

  • Ronan lookey - likey, Nicky, once impersonated the man himself at a gig to get backstage. When the real Mr.Keating tried to get backstage, he couldn't because the security gaurds thought they'd already let the real Ronan through!

  • Bryan used to be a huge fan of Superman comics. His Mum has still got his Superman duvet cover ironed and waiting for him when he visits

  • The bands co-manager, Louis Walsh, has given each of the lads a Spice name which reflects their personalities but the boys won't let on what they are!

  • The lads have a special routine which they go through before a perfomance. First they gather round in a circle while somebody says a prayer. Then they say a quick Hail Mary, count to three in Irish and finally enter the stage

  • Were you standing next to a strange man in a woolly hat last time you saw Westlife in concert? Well lucky you if you were because it was probably Ronan! He sometimes hides in the audience at gigs to make notes on the lads performance and help suggest ways they could improve.