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  • Name: Edward D. Wood, Jr.
  • Born: 1925, in Poughskeepie, NY
Ed's mother dressed him as a girl for most of his young life, which manifested itself as a fascination for cross-dressing in his later life. He started writing and amking movies as a little kid, and was obsessed with movies, especially westerns and horror films.
Later, he joined the army, fighting in WWII,earning medals and wearing ladies underwear under his uniform (of course.) After stints in a carnival and a stage production, in 1954 came his first movie, Glen or Glenda? the touching (well, kind of), story of a confused transvestite. It was an immediate non-hit.
1948 The Streets of Laredo

1951 The Sun Was Setting

1952 The Lawless Rider

1953 Glen or Glenda ( I Led Two Lives; I Changed my Sex )

Crossroad Avenger: The Adventures of the Tucson Kid


1954 Jailbait ( The Hidden Face )

1955 Bride of the Monster ( Bride of the Atom )

1956 The Violent Years

Plan 9 from Outer Space ( Grave Robbers from Outer Space )

1957 The Night the Banshee Cried

Final Curtain


The Bride and the Beast

Night of the Ghouls ( Revenge of the Dead )

1960 The Sinister Urge

1961 Married Too Young

1963 Shotgun Wedding

1965 Orgy of the Dead

1969 For Love or Money

One Million AC/DC

Operation Redlight

Gun Runners

The Photographer ( The Love Feast )


Take It Out in Trade

1971 Necromania

The Only House

The Undergraduate

Class Reunion

1972 The Cocktail Hostesses

Dropout Wife

1974 Fugitive Girls ( 5 Loose Women )

1975 Sex Education Correspondence School

1976 The Beach Bunnies