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Welcome! I am Kestrel! I am a cousin to Kiara of Tirragen (Oueen's Riders, Zaria's Guide to Tortall), and I am currently staying with her and her family for a time! Back when Alanna the Lioness was training to become the first female knight in Tortall, Tirragen was the home of Alex, one of Alanna's friends. He later betrayed her and Tortall, and this land was taken from him and his family, who later fled. Then the land was given to Kiara and her family, who still live here!

You can satisfy her and her family by wandering around here a bit! They're still not convinced that I'm responsible enough to manage this place while they're gone to Corus to present Kiara's older sisters to the Court. Be sure to do them proud, by signing the guestbook, proving you were here, and by leaving a story or two here in the library and maybe sending a comment on Kiara's message board maybe!


As you can probably guess, I'm revamping the site! This is going to take me a while so please be patient! Soon I'll have the present scores and new stories up!


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This Realms of Tortall site owned by Kestrel .

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