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Specializing In Disability Rights and The Right to Work Disabled

Disability Rights and The Rights to Continue Employment

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Thank you for visiting
"The Auto Workers Press"
An Information Source For
"Workers and Disability Rights"
In The New Millinnium

We believe in disability workers rights for the Disabled and all related Civil Rights. This site is created to specialize in workers disability rights (union or non-union) to have an open forum, where they may discuss life in the shop, openly, without retaliation.

Your affliation to this site will be kept private, if you fear retaliation from an employer, and you may or may not reveal your identity. This site is controled to allow you to give us your shop experiences without your name.

We Do Not Want To Hear From Self-Serving Union or Company Officials That Refuse To Represent Its Members Under Their CBA'S

This site will pride itself on providing effective information to all workers, to assist them in disability rights and the right to work disabled.

I personally will acknowledge my own beliefs for the Rank & File, Enforce Your CBA.

The creator of this site may or may not agree with any opinions that are printed in the "THE AUTO WORKERS PRESS" or any where else on the internet.

Anyone who enters this site and does not approve of the reading materials may leave immediately. Help us all make this another great site.

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Autoworker site owned by The Auto Workers.
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