David J.


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I know
As if I could remember it I know --
Nothing is left
Nothing exists
Not even past to be remembered.
If no one can remember no one can tell.
If no one
Can remember --
No one
Can tell.
As if I could remember --
I tell --
There was that light
That blinding light which turned all matter to un-seen light.
Not darkness.
Darkness can not exist where light can not be known.
Nothing is left.
No matter
And no more light
And no more dark
And nothing.
As if I could remember it I know
I have
A hand.
Unseen my weightless hand restlessly lies
on nothing
For it needs to write
To write what matters where no matter is left to write upon.
My hand now writes on nothing.
It writes --
Knows then that nothing lasts forever
And nothing will remain when I have written
These words on nothing will remain
For nothing lasts for ever
It will remain
Waiting for a new creation