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O. Henry Festival


O. Henry Festival Upcoming Events

All events are open to the public.*

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The O. Henry Festival 2000, judged by fiction writer Jill McCorkle, is no longer accepting submissions. All stories have been received, and the results will be posted at a later date. For more information, e-mail Judy Cheatham.

The winners in the 1998 Short Fiction Contest, judged by fiction writer Michael Parker, were Michael Gaspeny (My Life with the DoSaldis), Brian Meehan (The Gunman of Beverly Hills), and Michael Jasper (Fences).

O.Henry was the pen name of the famous Greensboro native William Sydney Porter. O. Henry wrote many short stories, one of the most notable being "The Gift of the Magi." Porter is often associated with surprise endings, because of the plot twists involved in the ends of his stories.

Please be sure to join us at the O. Henry Festival as the acclaimed author, George Ella Lyon, will be debuting her 28th book entitled "One Lucky Girl."

*All O. Henry Festival events are free, except for the banquest.