LegendHold Collies
The Past, Present, and Future...

If I had words to make a day for you,
I'd sing you a morning, golden and true.
I would make this day last for all time,
And give you a night dipped in moon shine...

PAST LITTERS -- 1996 -- Theme "Landmarks & Literature"
Born: 5/16/1996
2 Boys & 4 Girls

Sire: Brittish Legend Of Beowulf CDX,PT,VC,TT,HIC,CGC,BHI,HD, -- "Wolfie"
Coat: Rough
Color: Tri-color
CERF: normal eyed - carrier
OFA: Good (at 5 years old)
Thyroid: Normal
Cardiac scan (not OFA but by a specialist in GA): Normal
MDR1: Died before testing existed - ?/? (highly suspected to be Normal/Normal due to offspring results)
Gray Collie: Died before testing available - status Unknown

Dam: Am/Can CH Twin Acres Rendezvous CD,HT,VA,TT,CGC,HiC -- "Rachel"
Coat: Rough
Color: Sable & White (tri-factored)
CERF: Normal-carrier
OFA: Excellent (at 5 years old)
Thyroid: MSU normal
OFA Cardiology: Normal
MDR1: Mutant/Mutant
Gray Collie: Died before testing available - status Unknown
Some titled and tested pups from this litter:
Can CH (Am ptd)LegendHold Believe It Or Not CD,HIC,CGC,OFA-e -- "Ripley"
LegendHold When Ashes Ascend CDX,RN,TT,HIC,CGC,n/e,OFA-e --"Phoenix"
Can CH LegendHold Innovation CDX,PT,TT,HIC,CGC,OFA-e,(go-normal) - "Indy"
Also in this litter were:
LegendHold West of Mauii CGC,n/e - "Molikai" a charished pet in GA
LegendHold St Andrew - "Andy" a charished pet in AL -died at 2 years old
LegendHold Tale of A Viking CGC- "Eric" a charished pet in MO

This single litter gave my girl Rachel her ROM-P in 2005.
Wolfie only produced this one litter
and as performance homes are hard to come by,
he won't have a ROM-P unless I use some frozen semen I have
and we do get a litter from it. MAYBE it will happen,
but regardless this litter produced a remarkable beginning for my bloodlines.

PAST LITTERS -- 2000 -- Theme "Time & Animation"
Born: 4/7/2000
4 Boys & 3 Girls -- All sable and white

Sire: (Am ptd) Palary Nor'loch Valiant Hero (2/3 CD) -- "Brodie"
Coat: Rough
Color: Sable & White (tri-factored?)
CERF: normal eye'd ??
MDR1: ?/? (suspected m/m due to offspring results)
*NOTE: Brodie is NOT out of Valiant bloodlines, he is all Palary lines.

Dam: Can CH LegendHold Innovation CDX,PT,TT,CGC,HiC -- "Indy"
Coat: Rough
Color: Sable & White (tri-factored)
CERF: "Go-Normal"
OFA: Excellent
Thyroid: Normal
OFA Cardiology: Normal
MDR1: Normal/Mutant
Gray Collie Syndrome: Normal/Non-carrier

Some titled and tested pups from this litter:
LegendHold Once Upon A Time CD,(2/3 CDX),PT,JHD,TT,CGC,HIC,HCT -- "Ariel".
LegendHold Infinity N'Beyond CD,HT,CGC,HIC,HCT (go-normal) - "Calum"
Also in this litter were:
LegendHold Age of Honor HIC,HCT(1) - "Arthur" - Now a charished pet in CT
LegendHold For All Antiquity CD,TT,CGC,HIC,HCT(1),n/e --"Melison" - Now a charished pet in OH
LegendHold Circle Of Life CGC,TT,HIC,HCT(1) -- "Mufasa" - now a charished pet in IN
LegendHold Sands of Time - "Mica" a charished pet in KS
LegendHold Rock of Ages - "Rocky" a charished pet in OH

Ariel and Calum are still actively competing in obedience and herding.
Once Ariel and Calum get their CDX titles, Indy will be ROM-P qualified as well.

PAST LITTERS -- 2002 - Theme "Warrior Women"
Born: 9/8/2002
2 Tri-colored Girls

Sire: 2000 BOS National Winner CH Ka-Zee's Tangled Up In Blue
(CH Twin Acres Dark and Dashing X Ch. Charis Ka-Zes All That Glitter)
Rough Blue Merle

Dam: LegendHold When Ashes Ascend CDX,RN,ASCA-CD,TT,CGC,HiC --"Phoenix"
Coat: Rough
Color: Tri-color
DOB: 5/18/96
CERF: Normal eye'd (carrier)
OFA: Excellent
Thyroid: Normal MSU test 5/2002
OFA Cardiology: Normal
MDR1: Normal/Mutant
Gray Collie Syndrome: Normal/Non-carrier

Unfortuately because I do not breed a lot, Phoenix only produced these two pups.
While 100% of her pups are performance titled, she doesn't have enough offspring to get a ROM-P,
though I am sure if she had others, they would have been my best working pups.

LegendHold Empress O'T'World CD,HSAsd,HRD1s,HTAD1s,STDs,(1/2)STDd,CGC,OFA-Ex,H&E - "Fortune"
(Am ptd) LegendHold Warrior Princess CD,PT,CGC,OFA-G h&e - "Xena"

Fortune is the youngest HSAs titled dog in my kennel getting her title just a few weeks after her 3rd birthday with all legs for her title earning class placements.
That's really amazing considering the lack of herding talent her handler (namely me) has!
Xena is probably done showing and will remain a great house dog.
Fortune will start working on her HIAsd or HXAsd and maybe a CDX soon.

Past Litters - 2003 - Theme "Disney Theme Songs"
Born: 11/2/2003

3 Boys & 1 Girl
1 sable smooth girl
2 sable smooth boys
1 sable rough boy

Sire: Can CH/Am Ptd Bellagio Platinum Pinnacle CDX,PT,JHD,TT,HIC,CGC -- "Everest"
Coat: Rough
Color: White and sable (tri-factored)
DOB: 5/19/99
CERF: Normal eye'd (carrier)
OFA: Good (hips & elbows)
Thyroid: Normal 2001
OFA Cardiology: Normal 2005
MDR1: Normal/Mutant
Gray Collie Syndrome: Normal/Non-carrier

Dam: Tomelle's Black Eyed Susan HT,HIC,HCT(1) -- "Suzie"
Coat: smooth (rough factored)
Color: Tri-colored
OFA: Excellent hips & normal elbows
Thyroid: Normal MSU Panel 8/2003
MDR1: Mutant/Mutant
OFA Cardiology: (2005) Clear Cardiologist from MI
Gray Collie Syndrome: Normal/Non-carrier

Am CH (Can ptd) LegendHold Beauty N T'Beast CD,PT,VA,JHD,CGC - "Belle"
Can CH LegendHold U'll Be in My Heart CD,PT,JHD,CGC - "Tarzan" (normal eyed)

Also in this litter were:
LegendHold Bells of Notre Dame - "Quazimoto" - Now a charished pet in OR
LegendHold Through My Eyes HT,RL1,CL1-H,CGC,n/e - "Koda" - Now a charished pet and great agility dog in OH

Tarzan is the youngest Canadian Champion in my kennel to date.
He finished at 6 months and 28 days old.
He is also the youngest CD and PT titled dog I have had at 19 months for all three titles. Belle finished her US Championship completely Breeder/Owner/Handled in limited showing by 20 months old.
She received in invitation to the Eukanuba Nationals in 2006 and is the youngest VA titled collie I have ever had.

Koda, Tarzan and Belle all finished HT titles before 1 year old!
I've handled ALL of these dogs to titles myself with very limited training time,
because finding performance homes is SOOOO hard!
Tarzan will start working on his CDX and maybe some agility or more herding soon after.
Belle will be going to Canada in 2007
to finish up her Candian Championship
and then doing maybe some tracking and more herding
with some time to have a litter in there some place.

Summer 2005 - Prospective GSD litter (NOT COLLIES!)
Due to Devon's age, I will not be breeding her. I need to concentrate on my collie litters since I am getting out of GSD's.

Litter 2005 - Theme - "Famous Sayings"
Born: 09/28/2005

6 Boys & 3 Girls
3 Sable Boys
3 Tri-color Boys
2 Sable Girls
1 Tri-color Girl

Sire: Can CH/Am Ptd Bellagio Platinum Pinnacle CDX,PT,JHD,TT,HIC,CGC -- "Everest"
Coat: Rough
Color: White and sable (tri-factored)
DOB: 5/19/99
CERF: Normal eye'd (carrier)
OFA: Good (hips and elbows)
Thyroid: Normal 2001
OFA Cardiology: Normal 2005
MDR1: Normal/Mutant
Gray Collie Results: Normal/Non-carrier

Dam: LegendHold Once Upon A Time CD,PT,JHD,TT,CGC,HIC,HCT - "Ariel"
DOB: 04/07/2000
Coat: Rough
Color: Sable and white (tri factored)
OFA: Good (hips and elbows)
Thyroid: Pending
OFA Cardiology: Normal 2005
MDR1: Mutant/Mutant
Gray Collie Results: Normal/Non-carrier

By default: all these pups are non-carriers for Gray Collie Syndrome.
Who-hoo! yes that's a good thing!

All roughs, all-white factored, pure for sables, tri-factored sables and tri-colors.

LegendHold Wherefore Art Thou CGC,TDI -- "Romeo" - Now a Service Dog & loved pet in NH
LegendHold Talent On Loan PT,HT (1/2 JHD) -- "Rush" (staying here)
LegendHold Perchance to Dream HIC,CGC-- "Chance" - now in a great home in NJ!
LegendHold O'Brave New World PT,HT,(1/2 JHD) -- "Miranda" - now in a great performance home in PA
LegendHold Frankly My Dear n/e -- "Rhett" - A charished pet in FL
LegendHold Two If By Sea HIC,BPX,CGC,n/e - "Jibby" - A Performance dog in CA
LegendHold Cry Havoc -- "Caesar" - A charished pet and possible performance dog in OH
LegendHold A Rose by Any Name n/e - "Giulietta" - A Performance dog in Switzerland
LegendHold Come Up N See Me RN,n/e - "Mae" - (Staying)

This is going to be an AWESOME working litter...
even temperament, solid intelligence and high natural herding ability
and we did get about 1/2 normal eyes in this litter.
Three performance titled pups in this litter
(2 with CDX or HS or OA, OAJ or higher titles) could ROM-P
BOTH Everest and Ariel.
Let's make it happen!

Summer 2007 - Fortune has been bred (but it was very late and she may miss due to how late the airline shipping was to get her there!)

***UPDATE*** Fortune Missed
we were too late getting her to Oregon.
I will be trying again to breed her the next time she is in.

Litter 2007 - Theme "Harry Potter Items"
Born: 06/11/2007

3 Boys & 7 Girls - All normal eyed
"Checkmate" - LegendHold Wizard's Chess n/e - Smooth, Tri-factored, Sable Boy (not white factored) - A charished pet in PA.
"London" - (Am ptd) LegendHold The Leaky Cauldron n/e - Smooth, Tri Color (white factored) Boy -- Staying here
"Fawkes" - LegendHold Order of T'Phoenix n/e - Smooth, Tri-factored, Sable-headed, White Boy -- In a great performance home in NY.
"Mischief" - LegendHold Maurader's Map n/e - Rough, Tri-factored, White-factored, Sable Girl -- staying
"Hedwig" - LegendHold Urgent Owl NAJ,PT,HT,RA, n/e - Rough, Tri-headed White Girl -- In a great performance home in NJ
"Willow" - LegendHold Whomping Willow n/e - Rough, White-factored, Tri Color Girl - In a super performance and therapy home in NJ
"Bertie" - LegendHold Every Flavor Bean HT,n/e - Smooth, Tri Color (white factored) Girl - Staying
"Alli" - LegendHold Floo Powder CGC,n/e - Smooth, Tri Color (white factored) Girl -- With a super performance home in OH
"Seeker" - LegendHold Golden Snitch n/e - Smooth, Tri-factored, Sable Girl (not white factored) - Staying
"Molly" - LegendHold Brewing up a Potion n/e - Smooth, Tri-factored, White-factored, Sable Girl -- 2009 Leader Dog Graduate - A working seeing eye dog.

Whew what a mixture!

Sire: CH McMaur's Black Gold HT -- "Kobe"
Coat: Smooth (rough factored)
Color: Tri-color (white factored)
CERF: DNA tested Non-carrier
OFA: Good
Thyroid: ?/?
MRD1: Normal/mutant
OFA Cardiology: ?
Gray Collie Results: Normal/Non-carrier

Dam: CH LegendHold Beauty N T'Beast CD,PT,VA,CGC --"Belle"
Coat: Smooth (rough factored)
Color: Sable and white (tri-factored, white factored)
CERF: Moderate CHC
OFA: Good (Hips and Elbows)
Thyroid: pending
OFA Cardiology: Normal 2005
MDR1: Normal/Mutant
Gray Collie Results: Normal/Non-carrier by parentage

London is staying here to be shown.
He has one of the cleanest heads I've ever had.
London is MDR1 m/m which is the only thing I didn't like with him.

Litter 2008 - Theme "Night at the Opera"
Born: 05/12/2008

Sire: CH McMaur's Black Gold HT
Coat: smooth (rough factored)
Color: Tri-color (white factored_
CERF: Normal eye'd (Non-carrier)
OFA: Good
Thyroid: ?/?
MRD1: Normal/mutant
OFA Cardiology: ?
Gray Collie Results: Non-carrier

Dam: LegendHold Empress O'T'World CD,HSAsd,STDs,(1/2STDd),HRD1s,HTAD1s,CGC --"Fortune"
Coat: Rough
Color: Tri-color
OFA: Excellent (Hips and Elbows)
Thyroid: Normal MSU test - May 2006
OFA Cardiology: Normal 2005
MDR1: Mutant/Mutant
Gray Collie Results: Carrier!

Puppies are here and ALL THREE are DNA tested NON-CARRIERS for Gray Collie Syndrome!!!
and all three are normal eyed carriers for CEA,
1 girl & 2 boys - all rough tri-colors and all normal eyed

I'm not 100% set on names but so far we have:
LegendHold Pilgrim's Chorus MDR1 N/m,n/e - "Brigit" - white factored tri-girl - staying
LegendHold Nessun Dorma MDR1 N/m,n/e - "Paul" - non-white factored tri-color boy - Going to a great performance home in NJ
LegendHold Con Te Partiro MDR1 m/m,n/e - "Tavish" - white factored tri-color boy - going to a great performance/show home in CA

These pups have a lot in common with their names.
This litter had some real drama from the start, between Fortune's age and
just a lot of work that went into getting these pups.
These guys had a bit of a rough start too, but they came through well.
Brigit was the only one who really was the strongest pup from the start.
She is named after Brigit Nilsson, a strong and bold Sorprano considered the "Sonic Boom" of Opera.
Paul, named after Paul Potts.
This little guy had a very rough beginning, and stopped breathing twice, then lost the skin and last two vertabra off his tail tip from Septics (bloodclotting)
Amazingly it did grow back, love those stem cells in puppies under 48 hours old.
But look at him now, a true diamond in the rough.
Tavish (who may be the next up and coming Opera Tenor), started off with a rattle in his lungs, but never gave up.
He takes life's bumps with grace and poise.
I don't know if his new owner will keep his name,
but the song Con Te Patiro does fit him as he loves to be with you and go do anything with you.

With the NEW DNA testing we now have available to us as responsible breeders,
there is no reason to just spay and neuter every carrier of a diagnosable DNA problem.
We are finding better ways to breed intelligently, preserving qualities in our breed while still weeding out those bad genes.
With DNA testing, you can control those negative genes until you get that perfect non-carrier puppy to go forward with.
After 21 years of breeding without ANY Gray Collie syndrome pups in any of my litters,
this new DNA test has shown me that I have been very lucky,
as many other breeder have been to not have a problem that potentially existed.
The potential for these kinds of problems have been there for years
and are still very real in every line so, unless you test, you DO NOT know what you have 100%!

Unfortunately the results for Fortune's Gray Collie Test came back that she is a carrier.
While this is not the best news, it will not affect her health throughout her lifetime,
but it could potentially cause serious complications in any affected pups.

By careful selection of a mate for her, I will have about 1/2 of her litter as non-carriers.
I will be testing every puppy that has the potential for a show home
and NO carriers for this litter will be placed as show or breeding prospects
It's something I can work with since I actually KNOW what her result is,
and she has too much potential as a wonderful herding dog producer
to totally elminate her from my breeding program at this time.

This will probably be her ONLY litter so that I can move forward with a non-carrier puppy from her.
While this might sound like a big problem, really it's only a problem for people looking to breed
and not produce pups that die at 1-2 days old.
This genetic problem really doesn't affect the dogs that are carriers
and they do live very active and healthy lives even with it and make excellent working dogs and pets.
A dedicated breeder can even use carriers as long as they are ethical about how they place those future pups.

This litter should have excellent herding talent, with wide running herding dogs
that have the lovely natural balance Fortune does.
Kobe is a super easy going boy producing lovely underjaw and shoulders.
Several of Belle's pups with him show good herding drive already.
Kobe has 4 working service pups and one from Belle's litter at Leader Dogs).
Fortune is an excellent obedience dog as well as a natual herding dog.
Like her mother Phoenix
she has an outstanding willingness to try anything.
There might be some really nice conformation prospects depending on head and coat quality as well as my strict DNA testing!

Litter for 2009:

Undecided at the moment.
A lot depends on the Economy next year as I don't want
to produce pups that people can't afford take care of
for their whole life.

Mae has to complete a title, Ariel is almost too old,
Fortune probably won't have another litter, and I haven't found a good match for Belle.
I've tossed around the idea of breeding Xena...don't know if I really will.
Belle's pups are too young at the moment,
but I am considering a breeding for Bertie or Mischief
if I can get some titles started on them next year.

I just want to lay out my plans so people can tell me if they might be interested in a particular litter. I try not to have more then 1 litter per year, but a lot just depends on the age of the dogs involved.

As always, some select show quality (with intent to breed in the future)
prospects should be available to showing enthusiasts
(New and Old alike) on Co-Ownerships ONLY (e-mail me for more details).
I am a very reasonable co-owner and will work with you to help
you build a serious, quality, line of collies
based on multiple generations of health tested, temperment tested and PROVEN working collies.
I am always willing to help new collie enthusiasts establish the
intergrity that is needed to preserve this increadibly versatile breed,
however I am very strict about responsible breeding practices and
I strongly encourage ALL serious breeders to start
practicing spay neuters on all non-breeding quality pups at 11 weeks old.
I insist on this for pet pups out of from my lines!

I have a VERY special offer for people wanting to show a dog in conformation or performance events,
but not wanting to take on the huge responsibility that comes with breeding a litter afterwards.
Contact me for details.

Pet quality puppies are available to approved pet homes
already spayed/neutered. They are placed at 12 weeks
and are typically $750.
I do have a waiting list and I typically DO NOT breed
a litter until I have prospective homes lined up, unless I am in jeopardy of loosing that part of my line to OLD age on my bitch.
Due to the results of one of my litters where I had 4 people back out on me
I am now REQUIRING a $200 depost that is refundable up until the time the puppy is spayed/neutered,
since I DO place some show prospects as pets at times and when people back out,
I'm left with a puppy I could have shown myself that I can't after it is neutered!

The music you are listening to is
Hoggett's Theme from the movie "Babe"