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If your thinking about getting a collie or just want to know more about this lovely breed, these are the links you should check out. At the end of the collie links are links on color genetics, sites on health topics and general information on herding, obedience, and other "sports" collies can be involved in. Everything here is worth a good look for the serious dog fancier.

Links to Sites about Collies (off site)

The Collie Club of America (CCofA) -- Offical Breed Club Site

The Collie Club of America Foundation -- Dedicated to the health of the Collie

The American Working Collie Association (AWCA)

Collies OnLine.com -- The On-line magazine for Collie Enthusiasts

www.collieworld.com -- Portal to just about everything "Collie" on line

The Offical "Lassie" website

Excellent Resources about Canine Health and Genetics (off site)

C.E.R.F. -- Canine Eye Registration Foundation

Understanding CEA and it's Inheritance - On Dogs Worldwide

American Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology

O.F.A. -- Orthopedic Foundation of America

More great information on Hip Dysplasia from www.vetinfo.com

Information on Elbow Dysplasia

Thyroid testing in dogs from the Golden Retriever site.

Canine Color Genetics at Sue Ann Bowling's Sheltie site

Animal Genetics at Sue Ann Bowling's Sheltie site

Excelent set of health links on the Great Dane Site

Excellent Resources for Information on Puppy Development(off site)

Critical Stages Of Canine Development (A MUST read for ANY breeder or prospective puppy owner!)

Really Cool Collie & General Dog Sites (off site)

www.k9web.com (one of the BEST sites on-line!)

www.dog-play.com (one of the BEST sites on-line!)

www.petcomunity.org (Collies, GSD, Labs, etc)

www.infodog.com (show listings and kennel listings)

Kennel Club Sites (off site)

The American Kennel Club

The Canadian Kennel Club

The Kennel Club -- The United Kingdom

The Royal New South Wales Canine Council, Ltd. -- Australia

Excellent resources about Herding (off site)

Raspberry Ridge Sheep Farm -- EXCELLENT herding site! A MUST read for a beginner!

www.glassportal.com -- Herding on Line

www.stockdog.com -- More resources to get you started

This one is just cuter than CUTE! -- www.stockdogsaction.com

All kinds of things about Sheep! Main page by Purdue Univ. School of Ag.

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