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If you don't have broadband I recommend that you save to your hard drive first, then watch the clip.
To do so, just right click on a link and select "save target as". (some of the realplayer files, not all)

Why does man's soul burn for art?
Find out in this moving picture that Craig did
for his Art History class

Can a Young Man Find His Legacy?
or 56k

The Donner Party 2000
(DivX .avi, 5.38MB)
*Note: This clip requires the DivX ;-) codec for your Media Player

Good Cop, Bad Cop as told by The LawnmowerBoys
in this sketch.
BroadBand or 56k
(Streamed, these two clips cannot be saved to your hard drive)


Even more humiliation at the hands of Mr. Garrett

(DivX .avi, now half the size - 9.64MB)

Prank phonecall that ends with Craig dancing outside of Hollywood Video
(.mpg, 11.2MB)

This is a short clip from a much longer "sketch" that was filmed sometime back
(realvideo, 2.89MB)
Craig threatens Steak & Shake with the wrath of Turko in this prank call (.wav audio, 5.08MB)

Yes, all images, audio/video clips, and lugubrious paragraghs are copyright of THE LAWNMOWERBOYS
(Neil Baer, Craig Garrett, Brent White), and may not be used without the expressed consent of THE LAWNMOWERBOYS.