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Great ONE OF A KIND & UNIQUE gift items for the animal lover!!!!

For UNIQUE, and ONE OF A KIND gifts for yourself and your animal loving friends, you MUST check out these two artist.

Make sure you BOOK MARK this page, since new items will be added from time to time!!!!!

I was extremely lucky to run into two very talented women who, as I, love animals. Their love for animal comes threw time and time again threw their work; and the quality is beyond words!!!

Both of these wonderful artists can do portraits of your favorite pet or animal and do an incredible job. Whether your favorite animal is your pet cat or an opossum, they can do it.

What a GREAT gift idea this would be, not to mention ONE OF A KIND special gift from the heart. Now that is what I call a one of a kind special gift. Before you begin gazing at this incredible art, I need to tell you, my scanner does NOT do this art justice. The actual artwork that I have held in my hand is a 100% better than what you will see on your monitor, trust me on this.

Trust me when I say, you will be amazed when you see the actual work close up and in your own hands. I was soooo impressed with their talents, that I have dedicated this page to them. That is how awe struck I am with their talents. Not to mention, both of these ladies are extremely special and care allot about animals of all kinds.

Here are just a FEW samples of what they can do. To see more of their incredible talent, please either e-mail them or check out their web sites for more details, dimensions, pricing and special orders; as in portraits. These are one of a kind superb quality craftsmanship.

First let me introduce you to Darlene. Darlene does incredible wood burning art. Here is just a few of her items.

Trust me when I say, these uploaded pix of her work do NOT do her justice at all.

Here is one of my all time favorites of her,

Fishing with Eagles plaque and a close up of the fisherman.

For some great Christmas ideas,
here are some great wood burning ornaments to decorate your tree with.

For the love of your life on Valentine's Day, check out these adorable magnent and pin items.

To contact this incredible artist please check out her web site for further details and more wonderful art by clicking on this link.

Another incredibly talented woman is Jan. She does wood work as well but in paints. These are wood cut outs that she cuts out by hand and then paints the animal on to them. She also does the cutest fuzzy critters too, as you will soon see. Once again I can't stress enough that my scanner just does NOT do the artwork justice.

A cute prairie dog to hold your keys with on his two pegs.

Here is a cute little dog pin.

Here is a hedgie just waiting to hold your keys on his cute pegs.

Here is another hedgie with pegs to hold maybe a dog leash or two.

Get an extra, one of a kind, gift for that special friend or just for yourself by letting Jan make you a personalized plaque. Jan made this for our little boy's room. She can make one that says, "Nancy's Kitchen", or "Opossum Room", or "Critter Zone", what ever you like.

If opossums aren't your favorite furry, and I don't know why they wouldn't be.....just ask Jan to make that special gift of the favorite pet or animal of your choice.

Here are some great Christmas ideas as well.

This is what I call Jan's fuzzy work. These things are to die for. When I first got my order I was so excited that I literally squealed with delight and scared all the dogs in to the next room, lol. These little fuzzies can be hung on your Christmas tree for all to see.

On the Holloween Possies, there is a witch, mummy, devil, an angel (not show - but great gift to give a rehaber that may have lost a possum) and a possie w/a Holloween ribbon around it's neck.

Now what can be better than to have an entire Christmas tree full of baby possies (opossums)!!!

Here are few Valentine SWEET hearts that are a must have!!!

To contact this incredible artist please click on the e-mail quill to contact her for further details.

I hope you have all enjoyed these fine crafted arts by some incredibly talented ladies. For details on their work please contact them directly. Please note: size of item is not the size on the monitor, so please get dimensions and sizing from artist.