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The second group of settlers migrated along the upper tributaries of the Rocky Fork (Painter Run, Rocky Fork, and Long Run) until they came to an area that was unoccupied. Many of these came from the Hopewell Township, Muskingum County area. Mary Ann Furnace many have been a factor in the migration of a few of the settlers. Iron ore was discoved in the southeast corner of Mary Ann Township, near the Rocky Fork and a furnace was built during the 1815-1817 period to manufacture iron stoves. The Township was not organized in 1826, prior to this it was part of Perry Township which lies to the south. William Wilson was elected as the first Justice of the Peace and was also one of the first township trustees.

Familes moving to the Rocky Fork area during this period:

When the township was organized in 1826, the first election was held at the house of Samuel Varner. The first trustees were Samuel Varner, William Wilson and Joseph Frost.

Before 1830 only one family, the Varners, lived in central part of Fallsbury Township. This area became more populated after 1830, and culminated in the establishment and settlement of the town of Fallsburg, in the mid-1830s.

Familes moving to the Fallsburg area during this period:

Families moving to the Northwest area during this period:

Families settling along the Wakatomika during this time period: