The Sisters Four: A Sequel
The years flew on by
       and we all had to cry
when Shirley and Delean
       became angels in heaven, unseen.
To be missed every day
       in their memory, we say
these efforts reflect
       how much we respect
what they meant in our lives.
       Love.  Family.  Sad good-byes.

But time moves on
       and each day has a dawn.
With courage and trepidation
       Jean and Myrna didn't go on vacation.
They took on a new task        
       to create something that would last
for decades to come.
They started a full-fledged museum!

There was so much to do!
   It took quite a crew.
So many pitched in
   to relocate to Tiffin.
Michelle, Keith and Kyle
   carried box after box for a while.
Jo and Lynn packed and perspired.
   Chris and Tim built and rewired
Linda and Miriam crafted displays.
   Amanda windows did stage.

But one worker stood out
   without any doubt.
Despite aches and sore knees
   with out his efforts of carpentries
none of this could have been
   accomplished.  Amen!

With nine decades completed
   you might think he'd be seated
somewhere in a recliner
   or at a local diner
relaxed and enjoying.

But no, he was employing
   a drill and a saw
       and a hammer and all!
George was a carpenter saint
   who worked, built and brushed paint.
Making shelves and partitions
   for the baby dolls and toy kitchens!
Sometimes fuming and fussing,
   "dag nab it" and cussing,
he worked hours on end
   and the Sisters could depend
on his getting the job done.
   How he deserves time off and some fun!

Two years in the making.
       Whew!  What an under taking!
11-13-11:  it's now opening day
       and we all cheer 'hip hip hurray!"
Jeans's life-long goal and passion
       was someday to fashion
an enchanted place of mystery
       a special piece of history.

Dolls might no you inspire
       but you certainly have to admire
the hard work and determination,
       this legacy preserved for the next
It's amazing to see what they can do,
       the totally awesome Sisters Two.
The saga continues
       now in a new venue.
To update the tale
       please allow me to regale...