"All for the Love of Their
Once there were The Sisters Four.
They ventured to open up a store
to play with baby dolls all day
and hopefully to earn some pay.

"Enchanted Moment" they named the place.
Then Jean and Shirley were off on a race.

They traveled here, they traveled there
to fill the Shoppe with dolly-ware.

Soon "Tabitha" and "Mary Lou"
were displayed on the shelves, and "Susie", too.

The shoppers came and took a look.
The dollars Delean kept track in a book.
Some babies were broken, in need of a mend.
So Myrna decided to this, she would tend.
The Moms/Aunts/Grandmas were a success,
and their proud progeny just had to confess.

They loved them all and wished them well ,
for the Four in the Store are truly swell!