Do you Know?
What was doll maker Enrico Scavini's pet name for his wife, Elena?

Lenci was Enrico Scavini's pet name for his wife Elena; thus, the Lenci Doll Company was born.

What is a Goldsmith doll body?

       A Goldsmith body is made of cloth with red or blue corset and stockings made as part of the body. It also has leather hands and boots with tassels and adjustable tan laces. It was used as a body for China head dolls. Goldsmith was located in Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky.

Who was one of the "copycats" in the early making of German dolls?

Armand Marseille copied Grace Story Putman's Byelo baby when he made the Dream Baby.  Another was Danel who copied a French Jumeau mold.

What doll medium was substituted for ivory in the manufacturing of billiard balls  in the mid 1800's?

Celluloid was used as a substitute for ivory in billiard balls.

What is a piano baby?

A full porcelain doll figurine in either a reclining or sitting position used as a decoration on pianos.

What is the most common China head doll?

A low-brow china head is most common, named for its type of hair style.

Which antique doll is more valuable - one with an open mouth or one with a closed mouth?

A closed mouth antique doll is more valuable.

Can you name ten (10) mediums for doll making?

Bisque/porcelain, cloth, wood, composition, celluloid, felt, wax, resin, wax over porcelain, and china and more are all used to make dolls.

What do the initials S. F. B. J. stand for?

Corp S. F. B. J. is the French alliance of many doll makers Société Francaise de Fabrication do Bébés & Jouets, translated it means:  Corporation of French Manufactures of Dolls & Toys.

What doll artist was killed by a German torpedo in World War I when it hit the civilian ship on which he was returning to his home in France?

Louis Prieuer was killed when a German torpedo hit his ship.