Having "Patients"
at the Doll Hospital

       When "patients" come in to THE ENCHANTED MOMENT DOLL AND GIFT SHOPPE, INC. Hospital, a diagnosis is made, and estimated length of stay is stated and an estimated cost of repair is given. This is then left to the "guardian of the patient" as to whether or not they want to carry through with the recommended "cure". If the "patient" is admitted, an Admission Form is made out and the "patient" is put into a hospital bed. When all of the repairs are completed, a Discharge Form is issued and the "guardian" is notified that the "patient" is ready to return home.
       The sisters who own the Shoppe are the ones that do the repair work. They do repairs on most all types of dolls-composition, hard plastic, vinyl, leather bodies, cloth, etc. It does not matter if the doll is antique or contemporary, if there is a way to repair it, they will try to do it as they are very inventive in repair techniques.
       In 1993 one of the sisters attended an intense training course at the MacDowell Laboratories in Virginia and completed a course in Doll Repair from Lifetime Careers Schools in Pennsylvania, receiving Certificates of Completion from both. She has taught her sister many of the repair techniques she learned.  She has done doll repair for a number of years, of course, each having their own specialty. Therefore, one never knows which "doctor or nurse" will be working on their doll; sometimes, all three work on the same doll, depending what needs to be done.              
     Dolls are brought into the Shoppe in paper bags, boxes and suitcases- many in pieces or with limbs missing entirely. Our "patients" are not all just from the surrounding area, sometimes their "guardianship" send them to us. Very few are turned away, as the "doctor or nurse" can usually find some way to make the "patient" whole again.

       Of course, some simply need a bath, or a hair style, or a new dress. The sisters are always happy to do these things, also. No job is too small for them. If the "patient" requires major surgery, some times it can take several weeks ( composition work, especially), but most of the dolls are in and out within at least one (1) month.

       The repair rates are reasonable and each of the "patients" is treated as though they belonged to one of the owners, who are all doll collectors.
       The sisters find it extremely rewarding to have a "guardian" pick up their doll and find tears in their eyes when they first see the "patient" because it " looks like new" or "just like they remembered her looking" in their childhood days.
       The "patient" is not always a doll- some times it is a teddy bear or stuffed animal. Our "doctors and nurses" are multitalented and will attempt most anything.
       If a "patient" needs to come to us from a distance it is a good idea to contact The Enchanted Moment Doll and Gift Shoppe prior to sending them. This way "admitting" can get and give all the important information their guardian will need to get them there and back home safely .