Custom Bedding
       You can now order custom made doll bedding in your choice of predominate color and decorative designs such as balloons, flowers and animals on the spread.  The complete set includes the following:
1- Mattress
1-Fitted Sheet
1- Flat Sheet
1-Pillow Case
1- Spread

       Our "linens" are as fancy or as plain as you wish them to be and will fit a cradle or bed size of 11-" X 19-".  The flat sheet and the spread are big enough that "little Mommies" may also use them to wrap their baby darling in when they go to visit Grandma.
       The price for the above described set is $75.00 plus shipping and handling.  For prices on other sizes, (custom orders) please call the Enchanted Moment Doll and Gift Shoppe, Inc. at 419-443-0038.