China Dolls
       Most china heads, glazed porcelain heads, were made in Germany. There were a great variety of hairdos on these dolls. Those with short hair and/or short necks generally represent children. There was, also, a great variety of head sizes. These varied from factory to factory. However, most china heads have no decipherable marks at all.
       There are flat tops, low brows, high brows, sausage curls, black hair and blonde hair, etc. The common wave low-brow hairdo of the late 1800's continued to be produced in Germany at least through the first half of the 1900's and thereafter appeared frequently in reproductions. Unfortunately, because the early fancy hairdo china heads are now somewhat rare, collectors need to BEWARE OF REPRODUCTIONS .
       Some of the factories known to produce China Heads were Alt, Beck & Gosttschack; Bahr& Proschild; Royal Copenhagen; Cuno & Otto Dressel; William Goebel; J.D. Kestner and Konigliche Porzallan Manufacktur ( K.P.M.)