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Sunnyside At Midnight...A Horror Revistied

Is Sunnyside real?
That is actually for the reader to decide. Sunnyside is not really a place, it is more a state of mind.
Question: Have you ever wondered why some of your neighbors don't come out at certain times of the day? Do you wonder if UFO's have ever been here--and why they will probably never return?

It is dark, late at night. Well passed midnight and the stars are dancing. There you are. Sitting on a front porch somewhere just enjoying the aroma of the night. Suddenly, your mind is blank! The moon seems to be dripping something golden from the sky and little furry things are playing in the streets.

Is that a buzzing in the breeze? A hissing sound? The wind is picking up speed and now it's blasting you--blasting you somewhere...

Don't worry. The wind has just delivered you here.

Here with us...

Here in Sunnyside.....


"Abandon all hope--all ye entering here..."
And when I awoke
I found that I was
in a state called "Sunnyside."
I remembered not
the dream
which until then had been
known as my life.
Suddenly, there was only
I soon found that Sunnyside
was all there had ever been
and--somehow--I knew from thence
Sunnyside would be all that ever would be.
On cold nights, I fevre there.
On sad days, I laugh there.
My tortured mind can never
will never
exit Sunnyside....
As I glare around me
I can see Sunnyside
inside of each and every one of us....