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Purple Prose and Other Writings...

Things that have been said about my work...

Dismal Surface

Yesterday, perhaps yesteryear,
the night wind whispered in my ear.
As I lay on my soft,warm bed,
it gently laughed, then quietly said:
"Oh, come with me--sweet nymph of song,
with hair of gold--so soft and long.
Your eyes of green are darkly flamed!
Come, we'll go where souls are claimed!"

I followed slowly--not certain
what lay neath my life's dark curtain.

Soon stood we, afront drapes of red!
Before my eyes danced horror! Dread!!
Yet, curious, inspired by need,
reaching forward--I yanked in greed!

Now, I am wind in hot pursuit
of nymphs with lips as fresh as fruit
and eyes of green that darkly flame...
In search of souls I've yet to claim.

@1984, Bleeding Virgin Magazine

Call Me..
for Kevin

When the knife is in your hand
and your bared wrist just won't bend...
ain't nothin' in this great big world
like a "hello" phone call from a friend!
@1987, Christina Kiplinger

Fear Searching…
For Dennis Etchison

The night wind whispered in my ear
“What you see and what you fear
Are things known by every man.”
With that said, a soft slow pan
To forests green with trees so lush
My eyes turned blind, my voice a hush.
Darkness sweltered, closing fast,
Until I was alone—humankind’s last.
Yet, this seemed not fright to me.
Nor brave ships upon the sea
Sailing where the strong winds swelled
Tumbling, thrashing, quickly felled.
A charcoal town with wandering ghosts
Screams in the hills, monsters as hosts
Demons found me on the shore
I was attacked with my own oar!
Still, fear eluded me-
Fright my eyes refused to see
At last, a boy with knife in hand
Standing usual, actually bland
Revealed murder in innocent eyes
Finally the night heard my frightened cries!

@1987, Christina Kiplinger

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