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Welcome to my Cavalier page! This page contains pics of my Cavalier along with some pics of other cavs and some of my other favorite cars.
Here are a couple of pics of my Cav.

  • Ground Control Adjustable coil overs
  • 17" Konig Tuner rims (powder coated white due to crappy clear coat!)
  • RK Sport Import Fighter bumper
  • RK Sport Exhaust
  • Toyota Tail lights
  • Toyota Gauges
  • Toyota Airbag
  • Toyota emblems
  • clear lenses
  • Z24 side skirts
  • Toyota side markers
  • Freedom Design Strut bar
  • Razo peddles
  • Maxspeed shifter
  • 2 Kicker Comp. 12"
  • PPI 450 amp
  • Sony CDX 6750 cd player
Toyota Tail lights

Wondering what a Toyota Cavalier is? A Toyota Cavalier is a Cavalier that GM made and sent overseas. It is right hand drive, has different tail lights (see my pic above), sidemarkers, Toyota emblems, etc.

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