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Medical Programs and Downloads 
1.  Epocrates-Home of qRx 4.0 and qID.  Free software that is a must have for all health care professionals.

2. Johns Hopkins Antibiotics Guide-A large file but much more information the qID.  Make sure you Hotsync frequently because their database is changing weekly

3.  Sandford Guide-Now available in a PDA format.  $25.00.   2002 version in beta testing currently.

4.  Sepsis Handbook-From the National Institute on Sepsis.  Handbook not yet completed for the handheld, but worth a look.

5.  Ferri's Handbook-From Skyscape, also available are the Harriet Lane Text Book, 5 Minute Clinical Consults, Pocket Medicine and many others.  

6.  Asthma Treatment Guidelines-A Tealinfo Document which allows quick navigation of the latest treatment guidelines.

7.  Neu-Labs-A new Avantgo channel that is full of useful lab interpretation data.  Very Nice!!! 

8.  Cholesterol Mgmt Guidelines-Based on the 2001 criteria.  Interactive Program

9.  TIMI Criteria-An interactive program that allows you to quickly determine the TIMI score and treatment options in Acute Coronary Syndromes.

10. Anticoagulation Recommendations -Access the CHEST 2001 recommendations on anticoag from your PDA.  Excellent resource for those who manage coumadin on a daily basis.

11.  American Heart Association-Have access to the AHA cardiac recommendations always available on your PDA.

12.  MD PDA Software-A collection of software that includes ABG calculator, EBM calculator, ATP III and Preop evaluations.

13. National Heart, Lung and Blood Inst. Numerous downloads available, including COPD and Asthma guidelines, ATP III guidelines and more.  Free.

14.  WSUIM Specialty Page-I have moved the specialty links to their own page.  I am hoping to make this page "less busy."

15.  WSUIM iSilo Documents-These are a list of downloads that I converted either from my Power Point Presentations or from specially designed iSilo docs.  Please email me your presentation if you want them listed.  




Non-Medical Programs
Avantgo-View webpages from your palm pilot without being logged into the internet.  All information is exchanged during hotsync and does require a computer modem.

2.  Hand Story-A combination Memo Pad, Image Viewer, and document Reader all in One.  Incredible piece of software!  Excellent customer support.  Well worth the $15.00

3.   Launcher III-The premier application launching available.  New edition recently released makes this product even better.  NOW SUPPORTS MEMORY CARDS (SONY AND PALM m50x)

4.  Beam Box-Allows you to beam anything on your PDA.

5.  Pen Pen-Full color, FREE sketch pad.  Excellent features (beam, distort, multicolor, etc).  DiddleBug and  Bugme!  are very similar but with many more options.  

6.  Hi-Note-A program similar to your Memopad but with much more flexibility.

7.  Big Clock-Gives you the option of setting 2 alarms with snoozes, world times and multiple other features

8.  PowerRun-For Clie and M50x users.  Allows you to use the memory card as an internal memory.  Slightly unstable but increases your memory capabilities.

9.  Word Complete-allows you to shorten data entry time by finishing words for you.

10.  Filez-A file manager, especially useful for users of Sony Clie's and Palm 50x.  Essential for MSMount Users.  PiDirect is an alternative for expansion memory use.

11.  CME Tracker-Keep tracker of your CME and make recertification easier.  

12.  Diagrams?-The only program that I know about that will let you create your own diagrams.  Stand alone program, diagrams cannot be incorporated to other files.