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Welcome, fellow Mitch-phile.  Here at the Mecca you can gaze at the awe-inspiring countenance of the Surly One to your heart's content.  We've compiled quite a few pics for you - from the internet, from screen captures, from magazine articles - all here under one happy little roof for you to download.  Oh, yeah:  all photos of  Mitch Pileggi as Walter Skinner belong to Chris Carter,

Fox Studios and 1013 Productions and are not being used for financial gain of any kind by the owners of this site.   <whew>  Well, now that THAT's out of the way, on to the pics.....
Nisei Jvantheterrible's Story Pics  - for incredible
Reaming Mulder artwork, check out our story pages.  Jvan's created
Jaw-Clenchin'-Pissed several phenomenal pics inspired by our stories.
Blessing Way Mitch (non-Skinner) Pics
Gun Drawn Hot! photo in black/white shirt
Looking FINE!!!! Infamous volleyball pic
Fighting w/Scully Full-body shot of the infamous volleyball pic
Fighting w/Cancerman Another nice volleyball pic
A Little Uncertain...But Still Lookin' FINE!!! Mitch in the Austin production of "Frankie & Johnny"
Another from "F&J"; fuzzy but ni-i-ice!
Paper Clip Mitch & Nic Lea playing guitar
Yes....? MP signing pics at an XF convention
Let the Sunshine In... Another one - same convention
"Let me help you" And yet another
Nice Profile Cute grin
Unwelcome Visitor Big smile, on the XF set
Breaking the Bad News to Cancerman MP, GA, DD & CC clowning around
Having the Last Laugh MP laughing on the XF set
Mitch & Gillian at a convention (I think)
Avatar Signed pic - great smile!
Anguished Nice smiling pic (I think Arlene was in this one, too...)
Bad News Publicity photo (rather small, but nice)
Closeup, looking at his ring Mitch in a green button down shirt, blue suede jacket
"Leave it alone, Agent" Mitch & Arlene Pileggi - front shot
Dark Profile Same - side shot
At his desk Just Mitch, looking adorable <sigh>
The Pileggis; Mitch is in a white shirt, open-necked
Ascension The Pileggis; Mitch in a royal blue parka, looking tan
Ready to kick some ass Fun photo #1 of Mitch & Nick Lea
Feeling a bit defeated Fun photo #2 (beautiful shot of his shoulders!)
Intense newblu.gif (5457 bytes)8x10 Pic from 2001 Starlog
"Yeah, right!" newblu.gif (5457 bytes)Small photo from XFOFC
Nice photo with flag behind him newblu.gif (5457 bytes)8x10 Photo Smiley bought me for Xmas (aww!)
newblu.gif (5457 bytes)Above pic, wall-paper sized!!
Apocrypha newblu.gif (5457 bytes)Mitch kissing Robert Patrick
Unconscious & naked; mmmm-hmmmm.....
Back at work
Back at work 2 (I couldn't decide, ok?)
Miscellaneous Skinner Pics
Teliko Screen Capture from "Millennium"
"Do I make myself clear, Agent?" My autographed pic
I have no idea what he's saying here; just liked the look! EW "burnt" pic
Nice close-up Small but nice b/w photo
Print ad for Avatar
Nice profile
Tooms MP, DD & NL messing around on the set
First View of the Surly One!!
Close-up, no glasses....oh yeah!    
First ep, & he's already got the look of disbelief down...
"Do you believe them?" Mitch on China Beach  It was hard to decide
between these, as 2 of the 3 scenes were just
En Ami one close-up after another...
Patented Look #1:  "What the hell?" "Gaze into my chocolate brown eyes & tell your MP
Patented Look #2:  "I can't help you, agent..."    everything...."
Patented Look #3:  Resigned Acceptance "Wise up, sister!"
Firm but compassionate.... <sigh>
Amor Fati Looking for answers
Calling Scully
Listening to Scully rant Mitch on ER - "Viable Options" (no pics of the fight
Looking a bit scared for Scully (or OF Scully, you choose) scene, sorry; my TV card doesn't do action shots!)
"I've been compromised..." Opening credits
No caption; I just like this look... "I have what?"
P.O'd A.D. Close-up of those lovely brown eyes...
Busted "My daughter is the best thing in my life...."
"How can I burden her with this?"
Field Where I died Checking out
Snarling at an agent
"Are there any questions?" Exploring the Unknown
Regarding his wayward agents Looking yummy
One of my faves - looking EXTREMELY surly Looking tasty
Looking scrumptious
Pine Bluff Variant
"What the hell is he doing?"
Sharing a look with Scully Mitch on MadTV
"Skinner." Minding his own business
Shocked, outraged & helpless to do anything about it Deer in the headlights
<Oh god, a psycho fan...>
"I'm on the X-Files."
"You're right.  I'm not on X-Files.  I'm really on Baywatch."

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