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B.E.A.T was dreamed up around a dining room table in Cleveland, Ohio. It was December, 1999 and, with Lake Erie not to far away, it was cold. Everyone seemed to be suffering from cabin fever. There seemed to be nothing to do but imagine a time and a place where people in the BDSM and Pansexual communities could find exciting places to go and things to do. We all know that we are out here. There just seems to be the famous problem of finding the forest for the trees. Fortunately, the time is now and B.E.A.T. will provide the place.

B.E.A.T Productions will live up to its name - BDSM Education and Training. We're here to provide different avenues for people, near and far, to gather information regarding the various expressions of non-traditional ("vanilla") sexuality and lifestyles. Along the way, we're going to make friends, have fun and form a few relationship.

The scope of B.E.A.T. Productions in international. Our community spans the globe. We may be based in Cleveland, Ohio, but with our conferences, seminars, and parties we plan to open things up to the world.

The members of the B.E.A.T Productions committee are all strong believers in the "Safe, Sane and Consensual" motto. We will strive to help others learn to be as safe as possible while fostering healthy relationships. We will do our best to be beacons of light that will be there to guide everyone from novices to long-time lifestylers through the mazes of questions and woes.


B.E.A.T. Productions is made up of some very knowledgeable people from every walk of life. We have heterosexuals and bisexuals on our committee; Teachers, actors, retired lawyers, published writers, students, graphic artists, craftsmen, photographers, Doms, Dommes, Tops, bottoms, slaves and submissives. Some of us have had many, many years of being involved in BDSM. Some of us are just starting out and figuring out where we belong and what we are looking for. The one thing we all have in common is: Dedication to our mission.

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*B.E.A.T Productions and BDSM Education and Training are registered trade names. Unauthorized use is prohibited by law and will be prosecuted.