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Konton No Hanashi

*Glares through the screen* Can't you peeps see that I'm working on an update here? Give me a few weeks and this thing will have all of the cobwebs removed and everything nice and shiny. *thinks to self* so many damn reviews to write!!!!!!

Well, on with the construction. Beware of falling lumber, the drywall isn't quite dry (I only put 6 layers of paint on *pulls lip pathetically*), and I think that tTrunks shorted the electrical wiring again, but then again, this is Trunks that we're talking about, why would you expect anything different? *smacks the boy upside the head in an effort to get him to stop* As usual, the Tenchi Pages are offline, but the SM section is up, as is the Iria section and the reviews section. I'm not sure what to keep up and what to tear down, so bear with me for a bit longer, please *feels vaguely threatened*. I promise, I'll get it done soon! *whimper*

Let's see, is there anything else? Oh yes, you can navigate this site by using the drop-down windows located at the top of the page (usually). Email me if you find a link dead. Have fun paddling about, and don't forget to give me any comments that you have!

Shameless plug for Lord of the Rings!

updated last: 29 January 2002