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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

The NEW Midnight Society

This page will talk about the New Midnight Society and give some links to other good webpages about the show Are You Afraid of the Dark?. Hopefully this new season will last a LONG time so all the fans can watch new episodes.
I hope you enjoy my page.

This page was made years and years ago and hasn't been updated since, and probably won't again. Sorry.

Season 6:

The new midnight society consists of these characters:


The only original member of the Midnight Society. Tucker brought his friends back to the place his brother began the Midnight Society to create a new Midnight Society and to take over the job of president his brother held. Tucker isn't such a stickler on the rules because he's just there to have fun.


Quinn is usually getting in trouble at school and at home, but he is a smart kid that likes to make fun of Andy teamed up with Vange. His stories will make you cringe.


Vange (short for Evangeline) is the youngest of the New Midnight Society. She is a tomboy and doesn't have a problem with speaking her mind. Teamed up with Quinn she makes fun of Andy a lot.


As mean as he may look to you, Andy is very sweet and kind. He is always being made fun of by Quinn and Vange for having more muscle than brains. He lives on a farm with his family. He often works there before and after school.


Megan is a rich kid who is not very comfortable in the woods. She would rather hold the New Midnight Society Meetings in her own, well-managed, backyard. Tucker, not being the stickler his brother was, lets Megan refurnish the campfire with some comfortable old couches.