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The System:

  • Head Unit: Pioneer DEH-P85DHR
  • CD Changer: Pioneer 50 +1 with voice commander
  • Front Stage: Kicker Resolution 5.1 component set and (2) 8 inch Kicker Free-Air midbasses installed in front of the center console
  • Bass: (3) 12 inch Kicker Solo-Baric subwoofers in seperate sealed enclosures
  • Amps: Front Stage: Kicker ZR460, 30 x 4, or 210 RMS x 2 Subs: Kicker ZR600, 300 x 2, or 850 RMS x 1
  • Electrical: Optima yellow top deep cycle battery with (2) 4 ga. StreetWires power wires. All accesories from StreetWires
  • Car: 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier
  • Completely self installed

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My Thoughts

I finished putting my remote start on my car about 7 months ago. Through the use of a magnetic switch my car will not start in gear (its a stick shift). Its pretty neat. Over the past 7 months I've had to adjust the magnets one time because they had seperated too much. Not too bad for a stick.


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