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The Name of YHWH is coded within every biochemical function in our body, especially within the life-giving DNA-RNA matrix. The Divine Name transposed upon the mechanisms of the matrix coding is the primal factor in bioengineering, both for the present, as well as for the future. The Tetragrammaton of the Father's sacred Name is comprised of the three sacred letters: Yod,' 'Hey,' and 'Vav' (Wod). The Tetragrammaton connects with the four nitrogenous bases most commonly found in DNA and RNA, which each contain two pyrimidines and two purines. Both DNA and RNA contain adenine and guanine, both of which are purines and cytocine which is a pyrimidine. However, DNA contains the pyrimidine base thymine while RNA contains uracil.

In this key of the Angelic Ophanim that contacted me says we shall see that the Tetragrammaton of the Father's sacred Name is used within a deca-delta system. The deca-delta system is ten Light emanations working through a pyramidal conic section which arranges the blueprint of life. The pyramidal conic section controls the primary activities: the genetic blueprint of life for a given evolutionary order. This blueprint unfolds as a series of grids which interconnect as they spiral out of the master template of the conic section.

Therefore, the ten Light emanations set in motion a super-helix pulse which allows the grids to interconnect, coordinating a coding activity. This interconnection, in our world of biological form, sets in motion the interlinkage for the tetrahelix. The ten Light emanations send out the major code frequencies for all levels of meta-galactic ordering (viz., Light is the coding function). The ten Light emanations are necessary to preserve the correspondence between the human phase of the image and the Divine phase of the Image.

Through a series of rapid pulsations, I saw that every evolution has its coding system derived from the deca-delta system. Therefore, the codes for the 64 key grid are within the deca-delta pattern, the conic section of Light. However, the Father allowed the Elohim to directly create, from the Throne energies, the inner matrix body (the ordering of the code structure) of the Adamic specie occupying this planet.

This ordering comes as seed forms which contain the predetermined arrangement for the ordering of the image codes sent from the deca- delta system. This is the process of creating the similitude for the divine image to impregnate the world with a given form. However, the Ophanim made it very clear to me that in this divine creation, both the seed forms and the deca-delta manifold come from a master template code composed of the Hebrew fire letters which are used to shape the geometric relationship of the individual grids themselves, and to "fire them" into unfoldment. This is why the major factors in DNA-RNA duplication have been found to be made up of molecular building blocks that exist in interstellar space. Yet, in our biosphere this duplication is at a low rate because of the magnetic moments exerted on the life code of man. The magnetic moments are interrelated to optical properties and the electromagnetic spectrum(s).

Under-normal Earth conditions, the bases of nucleic acids contain instructions for at least 100 billion functions and operations necessary to build a human body. Here we are considering that information is also stored in the DNA molecule in the form of "words" composed of three-base combinations of the Divine Name. On each face on this divine grid of the deca-delta manifold there are 64 cells which show the harmonics that are used in divining life upon the waters of creation. These faces represent a "model" which can be used to define the DNA- RNA synthesis in present chromosomal development without the loss of any linkage from the first Adam to the present Adam.

The Ophanim showed me, while I was still within Merkabah, that the precise angular frequency of optical codes used in the geometry of life will differ from meta-galactic order to meta-galactic order, from cycle of Adam Kadmon to cycle of Adam Kadmon. Therefore, they directed my attention to the Divine letters which are the master set behind the distribution of the many types of angles and frequency rates of the optical code.

They explained to me that the deca-delta codes give direction to the DNA-RNA in the beginning. Once the DNA-RNA is started, however, there is spontaneous replication through the angles and frequency codes, etc. This is continued until a reprogramming takes place at which time a new coding function from the deca-delta (or the Merkabah) (Divine Light) begins.

I saw that the grid network of the deca-delta manifold is composed of the original Hebrew divine language code, the Light resonance codes, the mathematical-geometric codes, the chemical codes working with a nucleotide base, and the membrane grid of amino acid binding. (Protein atomic details are folded in tertiary division.)

The primal face code is the Hebrew letters of the Tetragrammaton which are fire geometries (i.e., thought geometries, not originally letters) triggering reactions within the DNA-RNA letter combinations. These letters form the image components which extend from the world of the Adam Kadmon through the world of negative mass, bringing the image necessary for the imprinting of divine life upon the primitive units of DNA-RNA..

The Divine Name gives the original code structure out of which the other planning centers proceed. The Divine Name also allows for the organization of spaces which are later used in the planting of the image-similitude coupling. The second face is the divine "light" index for the letters of the Tetragrammaton where (Yod)=10, (Hey) = 5, and (Wod) = 6. This composes the ten Light picture superscripts or basic pyramidal structures upon which Life is coded from the deca-delta manifold. It shows that the permutations are within the rhythmical balance of the vibratory nature of the divine letters; it establishes the velocity of Light for the various realms of creation. In the physical dimension, this Light is an all encompassing particulate "light."

Therefore, it is through this grid that both gravity, and the forces operating between atoms, molecules, and sub-particles all follow the same Law in a particular dimension. The third face is the distribution of the twenty-two Hebrew letters as to form a mantra grid which is coded into a given vibratory density. These are the codes available within the deca-delta manifold which are open for continuous change within successive evolutionary programs.

The mantra-vibratory grid is the divine harmonics which coordinate the other vehicle forms (outside our electromagnetic spectrum) to be simultaneous with the human life form. The mantra-vibratory grid is basically a grid of circuits by which the other five bodies have a major attachment to the human genetic system. The Hebrew "letters" are used because they are, in actuality, thought- forms of Light vibration which control the higher force fields used to evolve all forms of intelligibility from the divine mind. The thought-forms are also coordinated with sound harmonics. The mantra grid is composed of the primary chain formation which coordinates the arrangement of a life-giving program within an Alpha and Omega cycle.

The Hebrew divine letters 'Aleph,' and 'Tav,' and the yowel segol are coordinated by the divine breath so as to establish intervals between divine Light termination periods (which transmute into UAA, UAG, and UGA).

Therefore, these first three faces come from the divine membrane formed by the Name of God, coded within the deca-delta grid and uniquely ordered by the seed forms. The corresponding "lower" three faces compose the 64 codes of DNA-RNA into the human electrochemical membrane. (However, the ordering of the grids themselves does not follow specific arrangement, but allows for each of the six faces to uniquely interface with one another and set in motion the coding process of the language of life.) The transducer coding grid deals with the 20 basic amino acids found in the proteins of all living tissues. Here they are synthesized into the physical membrane. The transducer coding grid is coordinated by the mantra-vibratory grid which allows for the infinite combinations of nucleotides to form proteins. Therefore, it opens up the activity of the membrane containing the nucleotide bases. (Here RNA does not code for the membrane, but helps build components for the membrane which is a self-associated limpid cell.) These amino acids are respatialized into organic development through the Light geometries of the Hebrew letters. The uniqueness of this information is to show that there is a coding process for the code itself.

Whereas the third face is the distribution of the divine letters so as to form a vibratory grid out of the 64 arrangements of the divine letters, the coding grid as the fourth face receives the original instruction for the coding of numerous amino acids through Light messenger projections which coordinate grids three and four. The Light messengers are pulsating letter geometries which comprise the activity of what is known in the language of biochemistry as tRNA. The tRNA is manifested as a Light messenger for YHWH, whereby the tRNA becomes the linkage messenger for the divine Word which then activates the membrane substance through "chosen" geometric forms.

A look at the hemoglobin molecule shows the importance of the formulations from the codes. Other biological programs that were carried out in the past reorganized the formulations which developed, for example, elongated red blood cells. (Residual effects of this can be seen in tests involving torpid cells versus deoxygenated cells.) This flow process of messenger linkage (from the mantra grid to the transducer coding grid) can also be used for transformation from the divine to the human or the human to the divine, for the mantra- vibratory grid is the circuit diagram between the biophysical shell and the next unfoldment of the biological shell. For example, when Jacob's name was changed to "Israel" there was a biogenetic re- genesis established, whereby the seed of Jacob could grow into the "divine seed" and inherit the kingdoms of Light.

In this chain formation sequence of Light unto Life and Life unto Light it is also the vibratory grid which is the control mechanism for the "Stop," expressed in the Hebrew letters 'Aleph' and 'Tav' and the vowel segol. 41 Segol(~.~) represents the divine breath being fused into the micro- molecular substratum of the primary amino acids.

In the human membrane the "Stop" represents the impulses known as uracil, adenine, guanine (UAG), uracil, adenine, adenine (UAA), and uracil, guanine, adenine (UGA) which represents the periods of termination in the chain formation of proteins and are the equivalent of the Omega points of divine regenesis. The fifth face of the chemical building blocks is the combination of three of the four bases of U,A, C,G occurring in RNA (or T,A, C,G occurring in DNA). Mathematical analysis shows that in the biosynthesis of protein, the mRNA codes each amino acid as a word in a sequence of three bases.

This gives rise to 43 or 64 different words for the amino acids in proteins. Thus, 64 chemically unique combinations of three may be assembled for the four bases occurring in RNA. The sixth face is the mathematical analog to the electrical valency of the molecule as a triplet communication code. This model is mathematically computed from the chemical grid where: U = 1, A = 2, C = 3, and G = 4. Here the mathematics indicate the spacing of the angstrom linkage distances between the chemical elements and the complimentary hydrogen bonding of the base pairs in DNA-RNA. This process is determined by the interconnection of all grids necessary for the ordering of the life codes. This mathematical spacing allows for the organic development of a biological substrate as we know it. The mathematical grid is uniquely composed of 4 triple, 36 double, and 24 single mathematical cells.

This reveals the profile of divine-human correspondence expressed in the numerical relationship of the Twenty Four Elders who stand before the Throne of God and govern the divine programs of YHWH in the creation and recreation of the Adam Kadmon. Twenty-four also represents the twenty-four civilizations that are connected with the genetic development of the species upon this planet.

The Ophanim, (the Higher Light Ordering of Ophanim) told me there is a thirty-six and thirty-six flow pattern which carries the harmonics and sets of cosmic vibrations out of which the architecture in the lower celestial regions is shaped. The thirty-six and thirty-six flow pattern is necessary for the sequence development of programs sent from the Throne.

Thirty-six also indicates the number of beings that are in the world yet completely identifiable with the energies of the Throne, so that they can directly enter into the presence of the Throne through God's grace, to ascertain the sequence involved in program manifestation. The four triple configurations represent the four sacred letters of YHWH, as well as the four living creatures that stand before the Throne who are "full of eyes" used for evolving all forms of creation. Four also represents the key grids within the human anatomical structure: the heart contains four chambers; within the brain, the medulla oblongata is a pyramidal structure that connects posteriorly with the spinal cord as a pyramidal head piece. 54 Moreover, the four triple configurations also represent how each codon is a "triplet" code derived from the four distinct bases in DNA- RNA.

In summary, the mathematical grid recapitulates the creative language mathematics of all the living creations that went into the Creation of Man. The combination of all the grids shows how the Word is combined to take on form. The Word descends in an envelope of Light which is vibrated long enough to allow its vibration to spiral into different codings of Light. Through the image and similitude, given correspondences between the divine image grid and the DNA-RNA grid can be activated to allow for the expansion of a newborn organism. This takes place in six directions through cell growth unfolding with the progression of letters. The mathematical power of the letters increase to equal the increase of chemical complexity. Just as the 64 Keys of Enoch came out of a fiery scroll, so also the 64 structures of DNA-RNA biosynthesis came out of a polarization of divine Light which takes on form from the divine thought-forms expressed in our contemporary program of divine creation.

Divine creation continually expresses genesis and regenesis of divine names and genealogies through the image-making capacity of the Adam Kadmon. God has determined through His messengers that there must be a registration of the genetic codes in every generation of His people upon the earth, so that Malachi's words (Malachi 4:6, "And he must turn the heart of the fathers back toward sons, and the heart of sons back towards fathers;") are fulfilled by the Son of Man recapitulating the code of life of the Adam Kadmon! The grid spiral of the six divine faces can be used for innumerable programs of incarnation that are necessary to express the work of the Adam Kadmon.

The scientific representation of the genetic code structure was given in scripture to prepare Man for the Christ body so that through the vibratory redemption of the body by the Light, fallen humanity could attain to the Adam Kadmon. Thus, the image and similitude of the Adam Kadmon comes into the world through scripture as the divine Word. The image and similitude, through the grid of the Living Word, allow us to attain the higher worlds by putting on the Christ Body of the Living Light. The six faces fit together to form an ongoing helix. Out of this ongoing helix the base frequency defines the 'pattern integrity' for structural organization of the human being. Thus, the base frequency patterns are modulated so as to define the final corpus design that was preordained in the helix. The corpus design flows from the divine "letters" emitting base frequencies which are shaped into 72 pentagons in a sphere (corresponding to the 72 Divine Names of the Father) forming a platform for the dihedral model of angles plus five tetrahedrons which control the transfer mechanisms of biological energy. This formation allows for "the spinning DNA-RNA Light grid" to code for numerous amino acids from the many helical combinations that are possible.

This Light grid represents a given biological code which can be used in multiple spectrums of space to create different mammalian experiments operating within various light dimensions. However, in the genetic coding of a specie, the space occupation must match the electromagnetic index into which it is moving. Yet, this grid still remains open to other frequencies, operating within parallel space dimensions, into which another biological- physical form can be evolved to correspond (to the multiple activities of the Overself body) in many different electromagnetic spectrums. (Note: If not a Master already, the Overself body is for our 'attainment' to achieve, in this lifetime, while we're here. It is a coupling process with the Light within...The Gift!..Dex).

Such a grid can be used to directly infuse the Overself body into an eka body of many physical creations. Thus, many physical bodies emanate from one Overself body. They who come into physical being from a divine Overself form come out of a complete and holistic Overself model, whose numerological sequence and divine letters still pass into material form through these grids of creation. Yet, the two are synthesized as a unified manifestation.

In summary, the 64 Light grid model opens the door to the energy transducing system of our Alpha-Omega showing: (1) the universality of the basic biological mechanisms; (2) the mechanism of protein synthesis; and (3) the nature of the genetic code. The grid shows the same unity and coherence underlying the whole field of biological planning according to the divine letters of the Father's Name.

The Ophanim told me even greater experiments can be done with DNA-RNA when biophysicists interface two electromagnetic fields so as to create a neutral zone. These experiments will be a significant key to future biophysics, in that they will demonstrate how the DNA-RNA can be adjusted to accommodate higher frequencies of Light. For by placing these divine codes within a neutral zone surrounded by a higher electromagnetic wavelength environment, the common heterocyclic ring is broken permitting the life codes to be reprogrammed genetically to operate in a less dense physical form (like the triple helix a synthesized molecule in vito). Therefore, the new gel capacity will demonstrate the ability to live in high frequency light radiations (i.e., waves that can go faster than the speed of light) and will exemplify the mutation of the physical form that is necessary for those beings who plan to survive the great changes in light radiation when our sun goes into an electromagnetic null zone.

This null zone is necessary for the reprogramming of our genetic structure. And by utilizing the process of combining light radiations in a neutral zone, our biophysicists will be able to co-participate in the connecting of the DNA-RNA nuclei to chromosomes of another evolutionary inheritance. This co-participation will take place under the direct administration of the Brotherhood of Light who will reprogram us to go into a higher wavelength of light.

This reprogramming takes place through the intersecting of one divine program with another spinning program of a new biological network, forming the structure of a high spinning octahedron. This super-octahedron allows for the packaging of geometric forms which house the DNA-RNA as it is carried along one grid of creation into another. When Man can utilize this process he will be able to go into a cross- matching of bodies of different light thresholds and selectively breed and "acquire" positive characteristics from the gene pool of advanced galactic civilizations.

The use of the new codings will:
(1) prepare man to occupy new space- time thresholds;
(2) overcome the aging process of a given biological inheritance;
(3) create a bioenergy pulse which is capable of being used with infinite space arrangements, so that the biological system is not limited to any planetary field, but can freely circumnavigate beyond the galactic graviton spectrum; and
(4) allow for a new cross- matching with the genetic spiral of life by the synthesis of light such as ultraviolet light. Here the ultraviolet which normally makes DNA impossible to transcribe (emitting light from Ir to (pie to pie * which is absorbed at 260 nm) allows the magnetic stack transitions and magnetic vectors to change and become parallel as life emerges on the other side of the null.

Along with these important biological mechanisms of inheritance, Man will use a language coding of life which is beyond the biological language of acid denaturation. Man will use codes with a new biological language of light induction from other biological realms living in other electromagnetic spectrums.

Even in our biological realm of creation it is important to teach the scientists of this world that matter is generated from Light. All species of Life are made possible by birth in material nature through the "I AM seed" given by the Divine Father. Without understanding the "I AM seed" of the Adam Kadmon, the image and similitude cannot be but part of "one Tree of Life," instead of the many "Trees of Life" promised to the faithful of the Father who will ascend into the many creations.


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