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A forum excerpt on an ongoing subjective experience:
Ascension / Density Level Transition...?

"COMPASSION", ARTICLE by JELAILA STARR (not what you think it is)


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  Greetings Everyone!  

The energies are fluctuating between minor lulls and out and out barrages. At times it is as if the energies are being shot through a tube, concentrated and coming at us as direct hits. Many of you have reported sudden changes in your energetic systems. Some of you have even been vibrating as these high frequency energies pass through. Others are still experiencing shifts.  


are incoming with new dynamics and frequency levels. Some of you who have, all during your lives, only heard tones in one ear are now hearing them in both ears. Often with the incoming tones there are shifts of balance from within as if the room has tilted or your reality has just shifted. It can be hard to stay on your feet when this happens. So what is it?  

What I am given is that there are communications coming to us that are in pure energy form. Not the usual telepathic or cognizant types of transmissions. The Masters tell me that we, in a sense are being re-booted with attunements that are re-harmonizing us, calibrating us toward the coming changes. These new harmonizations are bringing to us information in pure form. Information that becomes a part of who we are. Our thinking minds cannot perceive this information because it is not of though waves. It is of higher frequency than our brains are able to access. This information, these attunements bring us closer to the Source, to Light.

  Once we have established this new level of being within ourselves, we begin to become more sensitized to everything within and around us. It is as if many people are becoming hyper aware to their inner and outer environments. The most subtle of changes in the energy bodies are becoming noticeable. This, which being a bit disconcerting at first, is a fantastic thing. It carries us beyond our third dimensional illusions and into the now. Into the moment and therefore the Truth that is inherent in each moment.  

Once you have become present in the moment, you begin to know, simply know, what all of your possibilities are. What paths you have to choose from. You begin to see opening doors where others are closing fast. More change. This can, at times feel like static within your systems because you are unaccustomed to operating from a standpoint of such high frequency levels.  

Caution is advised when you feel the static, the chaos within, not to go to fear levels. I have spoken to and worked with many this week who are quite outside of the moment, choosing anxiety over stepping back to assimilate the changes. It is imperative that we roll with the flow and allow these new aspects to assimilate fully.  

How? By allowing ourselves the quiet time that we need. Getting different types of exercise than we generally have. Stepping back from the everyday chaos, if even for a few moments at a time, and noticing how we are feeling in the moment. Asking ourselves what it is we are really feeling, not what our bodies may be conveying. Asking ourselves and the Universe what it is we are to know in that moment and further, if needed, for a translation of that which we are sensing. As I said, our minds are unable to interpret these new situations, but our essence, our consciousnesses are fully able to transcend the anxiousness, the chaos and take us directly into Awareness.  

That Awareness is what we all seek in our own ways. We call it many things, but ultimately it becomes our connection to the One. From there, we are the One.  

So it is that we must remember that we can never rationalize the finer points of our existence, rather become them. It is there that the Truth we have sought awaits within us.    


Blessings and Light,  

Meg Blackburn

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Do you hear perpetual high pitched frequencies? You're not alone!

Many people are hearing high pitched frequencies which are not related to a Vitamin D deficiency or tinnitus. From my research, I've found out that these frequencies are associated with your awakening process, more specifically, in remembering and RE-REMEMBERING of who you are.

History has repeatedly shown us that we have experienced spontaneous DNA upgrades though out our lineage, without any gradual changes in between lineages. These high pitched sounds and frequencies may be associated with a DNA upgrade.

Our bodies are mainly compromised of water. Recent studies have indicated that sounds and frequencies have an affect on water molecules, as evidenced by Masaru Emoto's work with sound and the restructuring of water molecules. Dr. Leonard Horowitz's work with the holy harmony solfeggios has also indicated there are certain frequencies that affect our genetic structure and ability to heal from within. On a cellular level, these frequencies and sounds are being converted to their most concentrated form of energy, vibration.

Our entire solar system is currently experiencing a dramatic climate change, including the outer planets in our galaxy. This has baffled scientists because we are currently in a solar minimum. As we travel further into the photon belt, the energies will continue to increase. If these energies are associated with any type of minimal radiation, it will affect the genetic structure of our DNA.

Many consider these high pitched sounds to be part of our genetic reprogramming as the entire universe is being upgraded on a galactic level. Rest assured that these sounds are beneficial to your spiritual and genetic development.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the ride!

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How to Interpret Correctly the Clinical Symptoms of Your Light Body Process

  By Dr. Georgi Stankov, MD, September 24, 2011

" ... The incarnated human entity begins to hear the high frequency metallic hum of the rapidly rotating higher chakras (8th to 14th), predominantly in the left ear and around the head. This hum does not come from the astral energies, as they are beyond the electromagnetic spectrum and cannot be perceived by the human ear. 

The hum is a by-product of the air molecules, which are involved in the rapid rotations of these astral energies. In this way, the gas molecules collide more often with each other and thus create this high frequency metallic hum. You will not find this physical explanation anywhere else. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that many light workers in the LBP are erroneously treated for tinnitus.

The energy flow through the left brain portal is like a column of about 20-30 cm in diameter. It flows throughout the whole body along the vertebral column and reaches all other chakras. This energy, which some channels describe as "Ka" and others as "kundalini" exits the human body through the heels. In this way, it merges the lower three chakras with the energy field of Gaia. As Gaia`īs field has been augmented now to the 4th and lower 5th dimensions, so do the three lower chakras of the incarnated entity in the LBP..."

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Channelled Material From

"Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. I am Hossaf, the Angel of Ascension, and my new role is to oversee the ascension process for Mother Earth and humanity. The reason I have been placed in this position is that the ascension process began to take a new development only a year or two ago when the number of awakening humans started to escalate past the point where the normal hierarchal structure could no longer comfortably cope. This was of course expected. I was placed on standby for this at the very start, when Kryon first began his grid adjustments. Prior to this I was only involved in assisting Michel in his endeavours. That was a job I enjoyed immensely and now my new role gives me enormous satisfaction as well.

What does my new role entail? Well I find there are a number of different facets to this. Firstly there is the measuring and recording of the unexpected problems associated with the energy infusion required to shift the vibrational frequencies of Mother Earth and her inhabitants. As an example here I can use the human experience. Without doubt the energy infusion has, and still is affecting humans in many diverse ways and there are also a lot of problems surfacing at present that are not direct effects of the infusion but because they coincide, they are seen to be associated with the infusion. This is my job to sort out.

Secondly there are a lot of seemingly adverse reactions to the frequency shift itself. Not all humans are taking this well. An example here also. Between consciousness and non-consciousness or awakened and non-awakened humans there is not much of a vibrational difference. The frequency difference is only a very small percentage but it is this tiny difference that causes a lot of problems with regard to stress illness and the like. It is obvious, I guess, that those who are awakened now exist at the higher frequency than those who are not awakened. While the unawakened exist at the lower frequency that they have always been, this lower frequency is now discordant with that of Mother Earth. Even if their physical body has kept up with the frequency change, their non-physical senses may not have changed to match. Both these scenarios manifest as stress and that stress in turn causes imbalance, which, in turn generates fear and so on. Those humans who have awakened still show some signs of difficulty with re-tuning their non-physical senses as well. These problems have been well documented as "ascension symptoms" and mainly reported by those who have awakened and who are aware of what is going on. The unawakened humans on the other hand, don't even know that ascension is taking place and consequently put these symptoms into the category of a degradation of their general health and they don't know what causes these problems.

This will all eventually come to pass and all I can suggest is that you stick with it, and by intention give your body and senses, both physical and non-physical, permission to keep up with all of these changes. For those who use visualisation, just visualise a tuning control attached to your body that you can tweak to retune to Mother Earth. You may need to retune every week or so if you suspect that you are manifesting problems here.

With ascension well underway and actually approaching finality in about four years time, you will find that the mismatch will gradually diminish and that a natural automatic tuning will come to balance without any extra assistance being required.

The next feature of ascension that I wish to speak about is that of your perception of a "lightbody". There is a lot of hype surrounding this term and quite a few of you seem to be expecting that you will change completely, that you will no longer need to eat or drink and that you will be returning to the fifth dimension as virtually bodiless beings. This is not so.

What will happen is this. You are ascending to the fifth dimension that is true, but in this case you will be ascending with your physical body intact. To do it the other way involves the death of the physical body as you have experienced many, many times before. This ascension is entirely different. Your physical body remains intact. The mean or average vibration frequency will rise a percent or so yet this won't be sensed by your scientific instruments or your physical senses either because frequency is a time related variable and time itself will be altered to compensate. Now that you are mostly through your ascensional frequency shift, do any of you feel any lighter? Do any of you perceive that your physical world has changed in any way? Everything about the physical world will appear exactly the same. You will still retain mass and, with mass as a handicap, physical laws will still bind you with regard to everything concerning your physical body and your physical existence. What will change however is your spiritual world where you are not bound by physical laws. You never have been. The Veil of Duality will become diminished somewhat and you will have much greater access to Spirit. Even this transmission is evidence of that. We will always be there for you and now even more accessible. Previously only a select few were able to channel Spirit. Now we urge each and every one of you to at least try and see if you can channel. Your Higher Self awaits your connection if you haven't already done so. Once you can connect effectively with your Higher Self then you can connect with any Spirit being that you feel drawn to and I for one welcome your enquiries.

OK. Now I want to say something about whom you channel and the information you may come across. At this time especially there are quite a lot of channelers reporting information from all sorts of beings. A lot of this information comes from sources that are suspect and a lot comes from sources you have grown to trust from previous experience or religious teachings. I will tell you now that all those beings and all the information that you are likely to come across, even in you own channeling, should be treated with suspicion until you run it by your Higher Self first of all. After that apply your own logic before taking any channelled information as your truth. That also includes this message of course. I am not one to put my words above scrutiny.

A few tips though, if I may.

The first tip is to regard any future predictions as possibilities only. If we are pushed, as we are often pushed to outline the future, the best that we can ever come up with as a most probable scenario based on human choices to date. We can extrapolate these as far as probabilities are concerned but each human choice affects the ultimate outcome of any situation, as you are most likely aware.

The second tip is that we don't always tell the truth. If it suits our purpose to fudge the truth, as you know it then fudge it we will. An example of this is to forecast meteor impacts or cyclones at specific locations.

A third tip is to not take us at all seriously. We are not serious beings. Even God is not a serious being, if I may say so. We like mischief and we like fun, and we especially like it if we can combine both. We see you humans as being far too serious for you own good and lessons abound where seriousness resides. We do draw the line at misery though because our aim is to please and make things easier for you if we can.

Another tip is to look at each coincidence as Spirit at work for it surely is. There are no coincidences and there are no accidents either. On that you can be sure.

We also like to synchronise your affairs, and to this end we take great care to be as elaborate as we possibly can with such synchronicity. You might think of this as our sport, and it is because this allows us to play with your free will choice. You make the choices and we have fun with them, not malicious fun but creative fun. It is what we do. Finally, I will let you in to a secret. We also like romance and we especially love to be involved with romantic liaisons. Cupid is not the only being here that gets a kick out of matchmaking and beyond. We all get a kick out of this and if you think you are enjoying a private moment alone with a lover then think again. We are watching you and most probably cheering, but don't stop on our account.

Anyway, this is suppose to be an introduction, not a sermon, so I will take my leave now and trust that Brian will include me in the lessons that follow. Take care now and make sure to have fun."

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"Many of us find ourselves in a place of anger or rage.
We are being bombarded with gamma radiation from inter-galactic sources by scientists and equipment here on earth.
Our particulates are in static flux right now.
We are exhibiting eye issues, allergy symptoms.
We are exhibiting itching symptoms from the interaction of us with the gamma waves.
Also visual anomalies, a heavy physicality, and out-of-balance digestion.
We have infinite aspects and exist on every plane of reality.
All of our aspects have to shift frequencies in order to remain harmonic within all of reality.
A shift, a change, requires balance – often with chaos.
As our aspects harmonize, we observe our third dimensional self from a higher plane.
Our consciousness is within the fifth dimension now.
Thus we feel disconnected or at odds with ourselves and others.
We may feel out of control, but there is no reason for fear
We do not control, but we make choices that have everything to do with the outcome.
We are not victims. We can and do create that which comes.
Our weather patterns are intense; we are seeing great changes to the land – this will intensify.
There are also electromagnetic anomalies, particularly in the area of the Yucatan peninsula and Central America, not too far from Bimini
Watch for time slips and mysterious events in these regions.
With the tsunami in December 2004, the balance of the Earth upon its axis changed.
The Earth has 36 major release points where she expresses overages of electromagnetic energy from within.
The ancient sacred sites on this planet are built upon the electromagnetic release points which have shifted in location.
We will see electrical anomalies and malfunctioning electronics.
Change is now constant
Now we begin to understand the real meaning of being in the moment
The time for records of ancient origin to surface is nearly at hand.
Two intact libraries are in what is now Iraq and near the sphinx in Egypt
As Edgar Cayce predicted so many years ago, Atlantis is rising.
All these changes have altered gravitational effects – our physicalities will catch up!
We are affected by these gravitational and electromagnetic effects since our bodies are mostly water; this affects our emotions.
Perhaps perception of imbalance could be viewed differently.
Do not get caught up in the drama, but be an intentional part of these changes.
We compare ourselves to societal expectations based on values that are not our truth.
When we feel puzzled or distressed, ask what it is we are fighting about
When we fight along our path, we do so out of fear of something. What is it that we fear?.
Conscious creation requires us to be aware at all times.
Become present in the moment - one moment at a time.

-= Channeld Messages =-

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