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Home of the P. D. C. R. R.

Our Corporate Headquarters are Located In Russell Twp., Ohio.

Russell Locomotive Work's Newest Project, a Little Engines Crab (0-4-0).
Engine # 11 (S/N 1002 Russell Locomotive Works)

Engine # 13's "Official" Builder's Photo.
(S/N 1001 Russell Locomotive Works)

Our Partially Finished Hand Car Getting a Workout By George's Grandchildren.

Double Heading at Frosty Hollow!
(Little # 11 {0-4-0} Pulled the ENTIRE train!)

Fall Running at Frosty Hollow.

Photo Pages

There are multiple pages under each heading, (I kept them small to allow for faster loading) so make sure you click the next page button at the bottom of each page!

Update - See Pics of the May 7th club run! (under LSLS Club Runs)

Tips & Tricks(Updated 04/04/00!)

Frosty Hollow Meet(Updated 04/03/00!)

Frosty Hollow (Updated 04/03/00!)

LSLS Club Runs (Updated 05/07/00!)

Engine #13 Construction Pics

Engine #13 Action Shots (Updated 02/26/00!)

Rolling Stock (Updated 04/21/00!)

Engine #11 Construction Pics (Updated 02/26/00!)

Engine #11 Action Shots (New 03/03/00!)

Equipment Roster:


# 13 (2-4-2) Coal Fired Columbia Class steam locomotive (Built 5/99)
# 11 (0-4-0) Coal Fired "Crab" steam dockyard engine (Built 2/00)

Rolling Stock

# 99001 5' Steel Gondola (Modified Tom Bee Kit) (Built 9/99)
# 992 Bobber Caboose (Mountain Car Truck Kit, Scratch Built Body) (Built 12/99)
# 20001 Lumber Car (Tom Bee Truck Kit, Scratch Built Body) (Built 2/00)
# 20002 Wooden Flat Car (Tom Bee Truck Kit, Scratch Built Body) (Built 3/00)
# 1 Hand Car (Scratch Built) (Built 4/00)

Thank You Notes

I wanted to thank some of the suppliers of Live Steam parts and castings for their wonderful service and support, and their timely delivery of their products. Thanks to Jim's Live Steam Website and Mountain Car Company For the Set of Sprung Couplers we won in Jim's Photo contest! The couplers as well as the caboose truck kit are great quality items. Also thanks to Tom Bee, another quality live steam source, his partially completed gondola (complete with trucks and couplers is a steal at $500) Bill Oberpriller provided us with fantastic tech support via Email, and his products are first rate. Make sure to visit his site listed in the links section. Allen Models, What can I say, Gene has been extremely helpful, and my order ALWAYS arrived promptly. We never had a problem with any of the castings we purchased from him. L.S. Manufacturing has provided us with a fantastic injector and very nice looking and bomb proof boiler checks. Again tech support was superb. I had a slight injector installation problem, Emailed John, and he looked my phone number up and called me to help figure it out. I highly reccomend them, and their website is listed above. I also recieved some very nice castings from Clarke out at Little Engines California. The headlight sure turned out well! One of the great things about this hobby is the wonderful people that you get the pleasure of meeting. One such group are the employees of Keystone Products Inc. of Twinsburg, Ohio (330-425-1210). They are a great distributor for Clippard air cylinders as well as fittings and valves (they work great on steam too!). They also supply the quck connects shown on the tips page.

Frosty Hollow Branch Line

We have completed the first phase of construction of our own railroad, The Frosty Hollow Branch Line, at Skip's house. We have in the initial loop of 450' of mainline, 1 steaming bay, and a turntable completed so far. This Spring we plan to double the tangent track length, add a siding, and add the station. We would be happy to have you and your engine come to visit. Drop us a line to make sure someone will be there.


April 1 (First Annual April Fools Run at Frosty Hollow)(pics on line!)
April 22
May 7 (Newest Pics Online!)
June 4,16,17,18
Michigan Central Railroad!!!! June 24th
July 15,30
July 28,29,30 Antique Power Exhibition in Burton, Ohio
August 12(night),13
Train Mountain!!!! August 25-26-27th
September 10,17
October 14,19(night),20(night)
These runs will be at Penitentiary Glen Park from 1 to 3 PM in Kirtland, Ohio, unless otherwise noted.


If You Are Still Wondering, PDC Is Our Shop Motto, It Stands For Pretty D a r n Close!
Example: Question-"Is that support 2" long?" Answer-"Pretty D a r n Close!"

Russell Locomotive Works Design and Construction Team

Our Live Steam Links

Lake Shore Live Steamers (Our Home Club)
Ron Stewart's: The most complete list of Live Steaming resources I know
Jim's Live Steam Website, Another Great Resource (our engine is January Engine of the Month!)
Full Size Steaming with the MSTRP Berkshire 1225 ! (A real live 2-8-4 !)
The latest news and info on full size operating steam
LS Manufacturing (Live steam parts supplier)
Page Me: Pick OH-Cleveland and enter Pin # 3011625
The Home Page of The Minnie, my engine type.
Jim, a fellow Minnie builder who really has a nice engine going.
Ron, another Minnie builder who is writing detailed step-by-step instructions as he goes.

We are always updating so please come back and visit again! More new pics to follow soon!
Last Update 05/07/00