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The Mamas And The Papas

The Mamas and The Papas were made up of:

John Phillips, b. 1935

Michelle Phillips, b. 1944

Denny Doherty, b. 1941

Cass Elliot, b. 1941

Once upon a time,in the early 60's, John Phillips was in afolk band. At a concert, he met a young model named Michelle Gilliam. He fell in love with her instantly, and divorced his wife to be with her. About this time, Cass Elliot had met Denny Doherty. She loved him right away, but Denny only saw Cass as a friend.

Then the two couples met, and became good friends. They decided to form a singing group, but decided that Cass' voice was too low. In the name of creativity, they one day decided to go to the Virgin Islands. Cass came along anyway, and while they were there Cass was hit in the head with a pipe. She had a concussion, but the next time she sang, she had the extra note! So Cass was allowed to join the group. They signed a record deal shortly after and released their first single, "California Dreamin'". It made the Top 10 later that year. Michelle and Denny were involved with each other by this time, which really strained the group's relationships. They had many more hits like, "Monday Monday", "I Saw Her Again", "Dedicated To The One I Love", "Creeque Alley", and "Dream A Little Dream Of Me".But they broke up for good in 1971. John and Michelle eventually divorced, and Cass died of heart failure in 1974. They all lived happily ever after.

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