Digitamamon & Bakumon's House o' Ramen (and digimon)


Oh, no. Another of Lith's obsessions. Run, all of you.
Well, then here it is. The House o' Ramen (and digimon).
Hope you enjoy.

Angsty 02 characters
brief musings & pretty screencaps
of a few second season characters
Mummymon & Arukenimon
shrine-in-progress w/fanart & screencaps
fanart, both mine and webcrawl-swiped stuffs.

Lith's messageboard. You don't need to register to use it.
Please feel free to use it as a guestbook, or just to post
your thoughts or whatever. Sorry 'bout the popups.

Megchan's Digimon Sekai
This was pretty much the Digimon fansite. The message board is its main attraction nowadays.
Shattered Dreams
A frankly badass shrine to Oikawa.
Digimon Kaiser Yamato
More brilliant fanart. Lots of other departments, too.
Wizardmon's Domain
Really great fanart, and a lot of general info.
Koani's Digimon Art
Koani's site is down, but some of her art can be found here.

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