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The Warlock and The Princess

Well, why not? I think they'd make a great pair. The only real problem I can see is the age difference, but being the devil son of a warlock, I'm sure Dug can mature quickly, or Vina, being the black sorceress she is, can keep herself young and perky for a good while. But for all those who still doubt, a list.

#1. Things in Common

    * Use of black magic
      * Bone to pick with Mink
        * Both have influential families

#2. Things in Contest

    * They met fighting
      * Vina's laugh, and her slime form.
        Dug's age

    #3. Why #2 Won't Matter

      * 3/4 of anime couples meet fighting.
        * Her wealth and looks can make up for most things.
          * Like I said, He'll grow.

Can't wait to see how the pictures came out?

The Courtship

The Wedding

The Honeymoon

And Nine Months Later...

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Ok, nobody sent me anything to put up so nobody won! It suits me just fine however cuz I get to keep the cutsie little dolls I made! And they are adorable. Better luck next time, folks!

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