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Hey! Do you have a cool Zelda or Drizzt-ish link? Would you like to exchange links? Then drop me a line! I'm always looking for new and interesting things! :-)

Fantasy Links & Rings

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This Corbeau's Enchanted Fantasy Ring site owned by cade c.

Zelda Links & Rings

The North Castle-The very BEST Zelda Fan page out there run by Lady Juliet.

Luna's Zelda Realm-Go here to see a talented young artist's work! And sign up for her LOZ RPG.

Link's Legends-A very nice site. Ryan was one of the first to post my work! Now if he'd just update...

Epona's Barn-The page of another RPG member. Visit Epona's very cute site, it'll make you laugh.

Zelda Power-A great LOZ site with almost everything! Massive fan-work archives make this a must see.

The Desert Colossus-Like an idiot I accidently deleted their link :-p

Ganon's Tower-This is a really good site which I heartily recommened visiting.

The Legends of Zelda-Another site worth your time. Very nice stuff here!

Bring Back the Zelda Cartoons HQ- If you wanna know about the 'toons, go here!

A sweet Mask of Majora site.


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This The Zelda Champions WebRing site owned by cade.
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Forgotten Realms
Links & Rings

CattiDrizzt's Wonderland-Quiet simple-go here be AWED! Beautiful, beautiful things.

Assassin's Guide to Toril-A cool site with loads of info and frequent updates!

Mark Van Zanten's Site-The author of the excellent 'Spider's Bite' homepage.

Another great site with wonderful art and things every Underdarker needs!

And another fantastic site! Go visit now...


site is owned by cade.
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Drizzt Do'Urden Web Ring - made possible by Webring.


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Thats where I made the ones above.

My Other Sites

The Will of the Force - A small tribute to master Eeth Koth. You know, Star Wars junk.

The Rathole - My resurrected personal site.


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