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THE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM THAT Protects Against Heart Disease and Cancer

We recognize that most dieters need help in taking off pounds. They need dietary aids to jump-start the weight-loss process to give them the encouragement they need to stay on the program long enough to succeed. That's why we recommend nutrients that fight diseases while taking off pounds. Nutrients that make you look and feel better while you're losing weight. Nutrients that you'll continue to take year-after-year to stay healthy and fit. Here are the disease-fighting nutrients we recommend for weight loss. We feel that they are more effective when taken as part of an overall dietary program than when taken alone.

CHITOSAN-The Fat Magnet
Eating less of most fats is good for you, but hard to do because fatty foods taste so good. So the first thing to do is use a dietary aid that keeps the fat you eat from turning into unwanted pounds. Chitosan is a fiber that acts like a magnet to bind 4-5 times its weight in fat in your stomach. Instead of getting into your bloodstream, the fat is carried out of your body in your stool. Chitosan binds to 44% more fat than any other fiber tested. Chitosan also acts as an anticancer agent. It has been used effectively as a delivery system for anticancer drugs and has been shown to have anticancer effects itself. It also has the same properties as other fibers which have been shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer. Chitosan also lowers cholesterol levels reduce the risk of heart disease.

CLA-The Muscle-Building Anticancer Fat
One fat that builds muscle instead of unwanted fat, while protecting against cancer, is Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). CLA pushes glucose (blood sugar) into muscle and connective tissue cells instead of letting it turn into body fat, and reduces protein degradation that occurs with advancing age. It also helps burn fat. Body builders use CLA to help them shape their bodies. It can help develop a better looking healthier body. The anticancer benefits of CLA have been documented in many studies, not only as a means of preventing cancer, but as an effective adjuvant cancer therapy.

CHROMIUM and MAGNESIUM for Diabetes and Heart Disease
Insulin resistance prevents glucose from entering cells. If glucose cannot get into cells to generate energy, it is stored in the body as fat. Both chromium (with niacin) and magnesium break down cellular insulin resistance, which prevents the accumulation of body fat. Chromium also lowers cholesterol levels, and magnesium is essential for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, while helping to reduce body fat.

The Healthy Benefits of SOY PROTIEN Include Weight Loss
One of the hottest health building products around is Soy Protein Extract, which is high in anticancer isoflavones such as geinstein. Many studies have shown that soy can help prevent various forms of cancer including breast and prostate cancer by inhibiting cell proliferation. Soy also contains phytoestrogens that can lessen the symptoms of menopause, without increasing the risk of cancer. What few people know is that soy also boosts thyroid hormone levels, which helps to reduce weight by enhancing energy production.

DHEA Reverses Age-Related Weight Gain
Almost everyone gains weight as they grow older. One cause of age related weight gain is the progressive decline in the body's levels of the hormone DHEA. Many older people who take DHEA report muscle gain and fat loss. Other benefits to people over 40 include improved immune function, protection against memory loss, relief of depressive symptoms, protection against osteoporosis, and a reduction in the risk of certain cancers. Those seeking significant fat-loss effects should commit to a two to three month program that would involve a high potency schedule.

Studies show that ascorbic acid (Vitamin-C) helps dissolve chitosan in the stomach and intestine into a fat absorbing gel. When ascorbic acid was given with chitosan to rats, far more fat was trapped and excreted in the feces than when chitosan was given without ascorbic acid. It is important to take pure ascorbic acid to enhance the fat absorbing effects of chitosan. Buffered ascorbate will not work.

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