Gunter Letter #2

Bette Hall Nevarez
4111 E. Archer Street
Tulsa, OK 74115

FAX: 918-832-0549


First Quarter, Jan/Feb/Mar 2000



It's me again--the one who is possibly your cousin. I have been researching the Gunter family surname for several years now. During that time I have found out a lot of information, but not enough. I still have a lot of questions. I'm one of those people with an "inquiring mind."

This study is not just about my own family line of Gunters, but others as well--especially those who traveled and settled in the south and southwestern states--Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Some of my many questions include the following:

These particular questions apply specifically to my line of Gunters, but don't let that stop you from communicating your Gunter information. I am collecting as much Gunter information as I can.

I have many, many questions and I need your help. I want to piece our surname history together. I can't do it alone. My father, his brother, and his sisters are deceased. They are the only ones I know who could have answered some questions for me. Since they are gone, I have to rely on information passed on to me from other people and, of course, any research I do at the library, the court house, and on the internet.

Enclosed with this letter is a questionnaire about the Gunter family migration. Please fill it out and return it as soon as possible. I would like to see a big response to this questionaire.

Possibly Your Cousin,

Bette Hall Nevarez


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