Gunter Letter #1

Bette Hall Nevarez
P. O. Box 50618
Tulsa, OK 74150

FAX: 918-832-0549


Third Quarter, Oct/Nov/Dec 1999



My name is Bette and I am a genealogist. I am trying to trace my family roots and I need your help.

My father was the son of Icye Dora GUNTER and Hiram Hall. Although Icye was born in Georgia, she moved wirh her family at about the age of ten to Lamar County, Texas. Her brothers and sisters were also raised in Lamar County.

In my research, I am hoping to fill in some gaps. I would like to locate the descendants of Gibson L. Gunter.

When Gibsonís son, Gilbert Gibson Gunter, went to Lamar County, Texas, so did his brother Albert Gunter and his sister Fanny Gunter. Gilbertís children were:

Albertís children were Carie, Pearl, Ella, Gertrude, Emma, Carl, and Roy Gunter. I donít know the names of any of Fannieís children, but she married a man by the name of Robert Edward Lee Boaz.

Aunt Ola married and became Ola McQuiry first, then Ola Frisbee, and finally Ola Palmer. Margie became Margie Clampett first, then Margie Johnson and Eula became Eula Duncan.

If you are related to any of these people, please let me know. Even if you arenít related to these people, Iíd like to hear from you. I am collecting all Gunter information. What can you tell me about our family?

Enclosed with this letter is a questionnaire about your grandparents. Please fill it out and return it to me. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Possibly Your Cousin

Bette Hall Nevarez



I sent this letter out by snail mail to about fifteen Gunters I didnít know from various areas of Texas and Oklahoma. About half of them responded to my questionaire. That is an excellent response. Salesmen would love to have a fifty per cent response to their flyers. I am thankful that my request was so well received. Of the half that responded, only two were related. Hey! Iím glad that I have contact with two more family members I never knew I had.

Thank you Melissa and Uncle Neil.

I also want to thank all those who responded who are not related. Your information will be put to good use.

You can respond to this letter by writing to:

Bette Nevarez
P. O. Box 50618
Tulsa, OK 74150


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