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Glass Painting

How to:

All you need apart from the paint, outliner and brush is a steady hand.

1. Find a nice easy pattern (the libarary will usually have books on glass painting patterns)

2. A piece of glass (those clip frames are good to start with because you can hang you finished work up - and they're flat)

3. Place the pattern under the glass and tape it down so that it doesn't move.

4. Take the outliner (either tube or bottle) and outline the pattern with it - wipe the tip on a tissue when you start again if you stop because it will blob.

5. Leave to dry (I leave mine overnight)

6. Fill in the spaces with paint by pushing it around rather than painting (this way you won't get brush strokes) - I do all of the one colour first then clean the brush and move to another colour.

7. Leave to dry again - and you have your masterpiece!


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