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Those of you who are sat reading this have one thing in common, ARTHRITIS in one form or another. Some are greedy and have more than one type, and as such, a group of crafters on ASA have decided that we would like to contribute to the research in finding a cure for the future generations.

We are a multi national group of friends who have been together through the good and bad times with "Arthur". As such we felt that making a quilt which will be raffled at the end of this year, as a way to raise money which will benefit us all and especially those who follow on.

This Quilt will be won by just one person and we hope that whoever receives it will value it as a token of friendship and remember Alternate Support Arthritis which brought us all together over the years

You don't need to be skilled with needle and thread, we have some participants who will stencil, others who will design a pattern and others who will kindly transfer that design into a block with fabrics. Others may like to buy a small piece of fabric and just sign it, all will be included in the quilt and whoever wins the quilt, will have a tactile reminder of the friendships that have been made over the years.

They will recall all the help, advice and laughter that we have shared. The medications that have held out a promise for a pain free future, the alternative medical advice which in some cases have relieved the pain, the tears that have flowed from sheer frustration, but most of all the friendship..

We came together feeling no one else would understand our illnesses but together we have shown that whenever we are down, there is always someone who will bring an answer, or share a laugh to cheer us up.

Please, can I ask you to help us raise funds to donate to a research facility that will ensure that future generations have the pain free times we all search for. Hopefully ensuring that this disease is finally eliminated or at best relieved. May we go through our lives knowing that by our donation of hard cash or time in getting this project off the ground, the future will be far better for those who step in our footprints.

Thank you for your time and interest and may you be the one who will be wrapped in a token of our love and care for fellow Arthritis Warriors.

The ASA Flarers Quilt 2000
Connie Davis, press secretary
Becky Ratliff, treasurer
Ellen, fabric manager

ATTN QUILTERS: Ellen will be collecting the blocks. Please contact her by email to find out where to send your block. Thanks!


scan 1 scan 2 scan 3
scan 4 scan 5 scan 6
scan 7 scan 8  scan 9
Click here to see larger images on Ellen's web site!

Enough blocks are available to make up one quilt, with a few left over which will be made into a second project to be announced soon. GREAT job, quilters!

About the Arthritis National Research Foundation

The Arthritis National Research Foundation has been providing grants for research into the causes, treatments and toward the eventual cure of arthritis since 1952. The foundation operates without government subsidy, depending on the generosity of individual contributions for funding. Please visit their website at the following link for the latest information on projects which they are supporting.

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