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Hey!! This is Tracy's homepage!!!

This is my webpage, you know I think it has potential. I know it isn't the best right now but I am planning on making it the kickingest page ever known!! I hope you enjoy, so just kick back and enjoy!! Remember this is my firt web page so be kind! Be sure to visit my links. Some of them are great. Also I would like to add if you want to advertise your homepage on my page then give me your address and I will see what I can do. Hey while you're here you might as well sign my could even sign my slambook if you want to!

VISIT THE INTERLOCHEN '99 PAGE!!! This page will be funny if you were at band camp especially if you were in cabins 9 or 3. It's great. Get ready for the Interlochen 2000 page!! coming soon....

You want to know about me? How touching. Well...I'm 17 years old as of January,I go to Northwest and I'm a senior. I like to go out with my friends, and take pictures...I'm going to be a photographer (probably not but hey it's a good thought) Enough about me let's talk about something else...well if you think of anything let me know I'll be updating more often now. NEW PICTURES!!!!I would like to thank Lindsay Kokoczka for allowing me to put the link from her picture page on my page so you guys could look at pictures when you visit my page. I thought it would make it more enjoyable for you. (I haven't figured out how to take pictures from my computer and put them on my page yet...I'm a little slow with that sort of thing)I've got lots of cool pics for this summer and I'm working on getting them here so yea...I'll try...

Linkage!!! (my favorite links)

Way Cool:Tabitha's World.Tabs is a way cool girl with a way cool page so stop in and let her know I sent you!! She'll like it.
Tara Jayne's Banana PageTara Jayne is in the colorguard at MSU and she works really hard so visit her page and see what she's up to!
This is Allison's pageThis is the lotion eaters page. If you want to know ask her how the juniper breeze is tasting today! We have great times in band making fun of certain people who direct the band...
Christina Thompson!! She's a very cool girl that I don't know very well but she is way cool and I hope that she will keep in touch after she graduates.
Brian's pageThis is supposed to be Brian's page but I have since received a different address...hey brian if you see this give me your url again!
Lindsay Kokoczka!!! This is Lindsay's way cool page, she has stuff about Sugar Ray, Red Wings hockey, and Interlochen '99 so visit her!! She's part of the Westside gang...(westside deli that is)
Steph Schultz!!!This is the girl I share my locker with, she's a crazy girl who likes to yell in the hallway while we're in first hour...Goody doesn't like it much but it's still fun!
Brittney's Page!!Brittney is also a part of the Westside Gang (the deli again)she's the the queen of the flaggots...actually she just teaches them how to dance!

Thank You Please Come Again!!

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