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Phantastical Ventures

- Legend of the Blenocla -

Regarding the Blenocla :

The Blenocla is a beast like no other in this world, as many of its inhabitants are prone towards. This terrible monstrosity stands about two meters in height upon two legs, similar in shape to that of a horse, each ending in a single, coal black hoof with wild hair flowing about it, but much wider and stronger, in nature it differs. Rather than a fur or hairy pelt, its limb is covered in banded scales of a most putrid color, being difficult to distinguish as green or brown. In a similar manner, the vast serpentine body that rest atop these vile legs is armored, impenetrable by any weapon forged by man. The head and tail stretch equally distant from this point, reaching near five meters, with a grizzled mane running above and below the creature. Its body, unlike that of a snake, is not cylindrical, but flattened so that it stretches vertically. This portion alone accounts for half of the brute’s stature. As its tail extends, it does not thin to a point but ends in a wedge. On the underside of this end, a crescent shaped razor curves outward. The blade is sharper than any sword known to legend and slices stone with ease. Unfortunately, this is not the aspect of the fiend to be feared most.
The Blenocla’s winding neck finishes just as it runs, as a headless stump. At the very end is a slot-like mouth armed with four giant fangs, two on each side. While the jaws are powerful, they do not compare to a lash from its tail. Inside its cavernous mouth lays no tongue, yet it is capable of speech in both human and animal languages. The beast lacks a nose of any sort, and its ears are guarded, lying beneath the third scaly band from its tip, greatly hindering its hearing. Its eye holes lie within the second band and both are completely void of eyes. In their place, an ever-pouring viscous slime oozes out from the holes, permanently binding with whatever it touches. Many would believe that the terrible behemoth is blind, but lack of eyes does not mean lack of sight in this case. In fact, its vision developed so extensively that it no longer had need for eyes. The gelatinous goo is in reality pure vision. So potent and so powerful, it could no longer freely travel through the air with any ease. To compensate this obstacle, the monstrosity flings its mighty neck to and fro, splattering its surroundings with the sticky substance. Wherever it touches, the image and position are forever in its mind. Whether it is three years later or three hundred miles away, the fiends will know what and where it is.