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VDP News

{as of 08 January 2011}

My dear friends,

Thank you for stopping by the site and Happy New Year!

With the new printer we are using, it appears that I may be able to handle opening our literary journal, Erased, Sigh, Sigh. back up for submissions. I'd like your input on this before I make any real decisions. The new format would be perfect-bound, and likely the size of a trade paperback in the US (6x9 inches), which is a lot different than the hand-bound parchment paper version (that I loved, but that had gotten to be too much work and too costly for me to do). Please share your ideas with me at the email address below. I've missed publishing ESS, but if there isn't much interest in resurrecting it, then I will put my efforts elsewhere. I appreciate your comments on this!

I'm pleased to say that I just discovered a couple poetry collections that I had started to prepare for publication but never finished. Not sure how quickly I can get those done, but I'm hopeful after finding such a gift. I'd like to eventually open VDP back up to submissions, but I'm taking it slow as my health increasingly returns.

We are currently concentrating on our recently-revived second imprint, Reality Asylum Books. Increased printing options these days has really helped improve the quality of our books, and we look forward to new publications.

To view our most recent offering, please visit the Reality Asylum Books page.

We here at VDP appreciate your continued support of our company and encourage your comments and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to email us or send us a letter!

My best wishes for a happy and peaceful year,

Hyacinthe L. Raven
Via Dolorosa Press
701 East Schaaf Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44131-1227