Some Darn Good Links

This is a list of a lot of my favorite links. There's a lot of variety here, so I'm sure you can find something you'll like.

Other Local Bands

Randy's Dad's Band
Simple Method(this is the site that one of our friends and fellow Barry's co-workers Sam Johnson)

My Friend's Sites

Charlie's Eager Beaver Page (it's soccer, you sickos)
Duane's Site (a cool guy I work with)
Geof's Old School Nintendo Site (kicks ass)
Mike's Official Shellac is Wood Sealant Page (check out of of the bands I'm in)
Randy's Site (funny the first time, but it's NEVER been updated)

A Bunch of Other Cool Sites

Blues Bros. Sound Clips
Cochran Site (my former, evil physics teacher)
Everything Philosophical on BtVS
Fake News (Norm MacDonald)
Godzilla Emporium
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Shaft Site
Simpsons Archive